Guy Took Such Good Care of his GF, His Video Went Viral & Made BFs all Over the World Suffer

Legend says that there’s an exclusive golden book in the world that’s titled the ‘Bro Code’. This ancient artifact, if it’s to be believed, has been sighted only once before, by the elusive Wise Old Man himself. 

According to the Wise Old Man, there are supposedly only two lines in the Bro Code. Two rules, to be exact. And may Mother Theresa bless your tainted soul should you ever for some godforsaken reason be forced to violate them.

  1. Be handsome, but not too handsome. Rule violators: Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Steven Lim. This rule is to protect all the average guys out there, and make sure that they can still get hitched and make babies.
  2. Treat your girlfriend right, but not too right. Rule violators: undetected. This rule is to protect all the lazy and non-committed boyfriends out there, and make sure that they can still get hitched and make babies.

And if rumors were to be believed, you will be condemned to the depths of hell and draw the scorn of every other man in the world should you violate even one of those two rules.

While many have been found guilty of the first one, men in general have been forgiving enough not to prosecute them. Yet (David Beckham is really asking for it, though).

Thankfully, nobody has violated the second one yet. And for good measure too, because violators of this one would have an extra 30 lashes dolloped on top of their usual hell and scorn fare. So yeah, painful.

And then this guy came along.

Seriously, brushing her teeth after she got a hangover?

Image: Imgflip

30 lashes, coming right up.

Who’s the fallen angel?

Meet James Dinh.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

As you can see, he’s just like every other boyfriend: smiling, happy and blissful, until he gets married and has his entire world crumbling down. But hey, that’s for the future. He doesn’t have to be aware of it yet.

Anyways, James here went viral online recently. No, not because of his striking good looks or the fact that his girlfriend is a looker herself.

It’s because he brushed his girlfriend’s teeth. After she had a hangover.

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Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

Meanwhile, other boyfriends in the world be like:

Image: Reaction GIFs

And that’s not the only sweet thing Mr James Dinh did either.

Apparently, the classy dude even removed his girlfriend’s make up after she KO’d on the bed.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page
Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page
Image: Imgur

And to top it all off, he has done a whole load of romantic stuff, routinely I must add, over the years they have been together.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page
Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page
Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

There goes the market, people.

This is why we have such steep inflation rates in the first place.

A history

According to Buzzfeed, couple Michelle and James are both college students from California, and they have been dating for nearly three years.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

James, being a real romantic guy, will shower Michelle with romantic gestures. Over time, he started posting some of them to his Twitter account, and gradually people took notice.

Brushing his girlfriend’s teeth and removing her makeup, however, proved to be the kingpin of romanticism.

Just take a look at all these comments!

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page
Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

Even his own girlfriend was in utter disbelief.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

It apparently comes naturally to James too.

“It was an instinct to tend to her needs as it was hard for her to care for herself.”

And it’s not one-sided either.

Image: MachoJame_ Twitter Page

“She has my back and I have hers.”

Great, now the entire relationship’s spoiling the market.

What advice does James have for the girls?

Unfortunately, James’ taken (like duh), but he has some advice for the gals.

“There is BOUND to be someone willing to brush your teeth while you’re drunk somewhere,” he said.

Guess you just gotta find that someone 🙂

And you know something; I reckon it’s possible.

If girls just stop friendzoning all the guys they know.

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