Guy Who Lost $27k Winning 4D Tickets Offer $4K Reward For Their Return

Remember that guy who lost his S$27k winning 4D ticket yesterday?

In case you have a goldfish memory like I do, read this article or have a little recap:

  • 52-year-old private hire driver bought two 4D tickets (‘0149’, total of S$34) on a whim
  • Turns out those are first prize numbers
  • Took out his wallet and found them missing
  • Remembered that he had bumped into someone earlier. Thinks he must have lost it then.
  • IC number was written on the front and back of the ticket.
  • Reports made to police and betting store.

Here’s a CCTV footage of the man placing the bet at a certain store:

Image: STOMP

And as our writer had said, “life sometimes likes to dangle happiness in front of us only to take it away soon after.”

Image: resultadosdigitais

But this isn’t a man that’s content with allowing life to just take it away.

This man worked his whole darn life for a glimpse of it, and now that it is right in front of his eyes within grasping distance, he ain’t gotta let it go.

(Okay, S$27k doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, but pretty much everybody I know will be miserable without S$27k.)

If life takes something away from you, you take it back!

And that’s why he is offering…

S$4k Reward For The Missing 4D Tickets

Given that IC numbers are written both on the front and back of the ticket and this is now also a police case, I doubt that the tickets are redeemable except by the driver himself now.

Investigations are also ongoing by the police.

The driver, who is also a Stomper with the name Vince, said: “It’s already a police case, so whoever picked up the tickets cannot claim the prize money.”

“I promise to give a $4,000 reward to whoever found my tickets and can return them to me as soon as possible.”

Vince did not want the exact locations of the Singapore Pool outlets he had visited to be public, but this is said to be around the central region.

For those of you who have too much free time or happen to be passing by the area, do keep a lookout for these tickets:

Image: Shin Min Daily

That’s two pieces of paper worth S$4k right there.

It’s time for a little bounty hunting.

Everybody reading this article right now:

Get it? Cause the Mandalorian is a bounty hunter. / Image:
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