Guys, if your crush shows these 8 signs, persevere even if she’s rejected you for the fifth time today

“Sorry, I don’t think we are suitable for each other.” If you have heard this line multiple times as an answer to your confession, you might think that it’s time to give up on the girl of your dreams. However, don’t let her rejection get you down. She could either be playing hard to get (because men rarely appreciate what they easily get) or she may not have realised her true feelings for you yet!

She doesn’t stop talking to you.
She still sees you as a good friend, even though most girls who reject guys would be cold and indifferent until the guys get the message.

She talks about other guys to you.
This is her trying to tell you that she has options and she is still considering them. She is trying to see if you are willing to work a little harder to get her attention.

She doesn’t answer your messages but texts you within a day or two to catch up.
She doesn’t want you to think that she is super interested or available all the time, so this is her strategy. If she really is insistent on rejecting you, she will totally block you on her contact list, which she doesn’t.

She selectively agrees to go out.
Even if she insisted that both of you are only going out as friends, she is still willing to go out with you alone despite the fact that a completely uninterested girl will not want to give a guy hope. Therefore, you definitely have hope.

She gives subtle signs of flirting.
Subconscious actions such as playing with her hair or smiles at you whenever you make eye contact, then at least you are sure that she has some feelings for you at a subconscious level.

She straightens up whenever you are in the room.
Rejection = she won’t care about your presence. However, when it’s the opposite, she will still want to make herself look presentable to you, so that you would still be interested.

She hides mundane details about her life, but opens up to you on deeper topics.
This means that she wants you to know what exactly you are in for, her personality, mood swings and all. The everyday things like going to work or eating breakfast doesn’t matter in a relationship.

She still tries to find out more about you.
She asks about your family and friends. This shows her interest and concern for you in a way that exceeds that of how girls usually treat rejected guys.

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