Haidilao Initially Offered Discounts Based on PSLE Grades But Removed the Promotion Almost Immediately


Singapore is already making strides in changing the age-old notion of PSLE grades defying your worth.

Then came Haidilao with their promotion that ended as fast as it started.

Grades Equal Discount

On Monday (21 Nov), the hotpot chain put out tiered discounts depending on a child’s achievement on the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

The timing of the promotion was intentionally made before PSLE results were released on Wednesday (23 Nov) morning.

Although the post has since been taken down, the original terms and conditions stated that a minimum spend of $150 (before GST and service charge) is required to enjoy the tiered discount prices.

A $30 discount will be given for a PSLE score of 4-7, followed by $20 for a PSLE score of 8-11 and $10 for a PSLE score of 12-20.

In other words, the better you score, the more discounts you’re entitled to.


Someone in the team must have realized that we are currently in 2022, and not the 2010s, because shortly after the initial post, the chain took it down and revised the offer and extended it to all children receiving their PSLE results.

They changed the tone of their initial message to one that celebrates “all children(sic) hard work, regardless of PSLE scores!”.

The other terms and conditions are still kept in place.

The change is met with positive feedback, as online users reaffirm that grades should not define a person’s worth, especially when they are young.

Image: Cher Foo / Haidilao Singapore (Facebook)

For parents who will be bringing their little ones to celebrate their results, note that the promotion is only valid at  City Square’s Haidilao outlet.

It will end on 30 November and is available from Monday to Thursday only.

A Cooler Experience 

If you’re looking for a more eventful Haidilao experience, they recently opened their first smart restaurant at Northshore Plaza.

There, your servers may not be humans with good PSLE results; expect your orders to be dished out to you by robots. You can even get a customized automatic soup machine and food delivery roving robot waiters.

The food is all prepared in an intelligent “Food Room”, with temperatures kept low to maintain the freshness of the dishes.

Because this is Haidilao, they took it up a notch and installed a transparent glass screen for curious diners to observe the robot’s hands at work.

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10th Anniversary

Don’t forget that this year is actually Haidilao’s 10th anniversary in Singapore. To celebrate the decade, Haidilao launched a series of promotions offering a full portion of meat and seafood dishes at only $10 each (U.P. up to $28).

The promotion will end on 4 December. To keep things refreshing, each week will see two exclusive dishes.


So yeah, they may have been in hot soup for a while, but at least they now know better.

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