Hainanese Chicken Rice Mamee Now Available In Singapore

Do you remember Pikotaro?

Yes, the guy behind pen-pineapple-apple-pen.

Image: Giphy

Say what you will about that guy but damn, is he an inspiration for many people.

Including Burger King.

Image: Burger King Singapore

I have chicken rice, I have a burger, BANG~ Chicken Rice Burger.

And McDonald’s.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

I have nasi lemak, I have a burger, BANG~ Nasi Lemak Burger.

And now, Mamee.


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New Mamee flavour in town! Hainanese Chicken Rice flavour~ 😋😋 #iLoveMamee #MameeMonster

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That’s right, Singaporeans’ love for fusion food is so well-known even our childhood favourite snack, Mamee, is experimenting with it.

Fill in the blanks yourself.

I have a _________, I have ______, BANG~ Hainanese Chicken Rice Noodles (Mamee).

Wow, if we’re not aware that the rice in Hainanese Chicken Rice is optional, you’ll be wondering if there’s carbohydrate overload.

Available At Red Mart & FairPrice Online & Offline

These little packets of novelty are now available online at Red Mart and FairPrice On.


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Local Favourite #mamee #mameemonster #mameechickenrice #jjeatsndrinks

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As happens with every new thing in Singapore (or cheap things), it’s sold out at FairPrice On.

And you’ll probably not be able to find it easily at the supermarket shelves too.

Mamee On A Roll

By the way, if you’re not aware, this isn’t the first new flavour Mamee has for Singaporeans this year.

Hints of a ghost pepper Mamee first popped up in JB at Jumbo supermarkets.

Image: Facebook

And one month later, it popped up in a Singapore supermarket at Punggol called Li Li Cheng Supermarket.

Unfortunately, if you’re seeking to buy this, it isn’t that easy.

Mamee Mystery Packs

Image: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook

These Ghost Pepper packs are just one of the options available in a line of special edition mystery packs.

In other words, it’s all about your luck.

If you think that this year’s not the best year to try your luck, you can get them on Carousell, but naturally, they’d be much more expensive than a typical Mamee pack.

If you don’t mind the mystery packs, you could make a trip to Li Li Cheng Supermarket at this address:

273C Punggol Pl, #01-884, Singapore 823273

What’s next, nasi lemak mamee?