People Online Are Sharing Images of How Hawker Dishes Have Shrunk Drastically

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If you find that the portion sizes of your meals seemed to have become smaller when you dine outside, here’s some good and bad news.

The good news? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, and you probably don’t need a new prescription anytime soon.

The bad news? Your eyes definitely aren’t playing tricks on you; the portion sizes of food have indeed gotten smaller in recent months.

With core inflation rising to 4.4%, an all-time high for the past 13 years, most of us would’ve felt the impact that increased prices and cost of living have had on our wallets.

Coupled with issues that have caused disruption in supply chains such as the Russo-Ukraine war, it feels as if the prices of everything in sight have gone up.

And for those of us who don’t feel like we’ve been getting our money’s worth whenever we dine outside, it seems like a good portion of Singaporeans aren’t either.

Recently, many netizens have taken to forums such as the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to air their grievances regarding the unsatisfactory meals that they have paid for, and have even uploaded photos to show just how disappointing their meals outside have been.

Also, for the chicken rice fans amongst us, it seems like most of these complaints are towards chicken rice stalls.

Chicken Rice Along Queen Street Left Patron Needing a Second Meal

Recently on Monday (8 August) morning, Facebook user Roony Roon posted a complaint regarding the chicken rice that he had at Tai Loke Hainan Chicken Rice, a store located along Queen Street.

According to his post, he paid $10.70 for a chicken rice set meant for two people.

However, the photo he attached definitely did not seem like anywhere near enough for two people.

Image: Facebook (Roony Roon)

He also wrote that apart from the small portion, “almost all [of the pieces] came with bones and skin”, and that he and his fellow diner were both stunned and disappointed after seeing the dish.

In the comments section, many netizens agreed with Roon’s opinion, with one Facebook user commenting, “Such a small amount, I can finish that entire 2 people’s serving and still not feel full.”

To that, Roon himself replied that it was indeed not filling, and that both he and his friend had to go for a “2nd round” of food after that.

A handful of citizens also commented that the chicken might have appeared smaller due to the fact that the chicken used was kampong chicken, meaning that the meat would be less fatty.

“2 pax chicken rice’s is almost equivalent to half chicken ordered. So definitely you can’t expect much chicken meats. Especially with inflation and still a ban on Malaysian chickens, definitely the hawker will reduces the portions to increase the profits,” another netizen pointed out.


Chicken Rice from Admiralty Looks Like “Leftovers”

Later that day, another netizen, Shiamala Devi Latchmanan, also posted a chicken rice-related complaint in the same group.

This time, she had bought her “horrible food” from My Kampung Chicken Rice at Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre, where she paid $3.50 for a packet of roasted chicken rice.

According to her caption, she had “asked for roasted chicken boneless breast meat”, and only realised that what she had been given was far from her expectations after she reached home and opened the styrofoam box.

Image: Facebook (Shiamala Devi Latchmanan)

“The chicken was so hard and it’s not even what I asked for. Disappointing!” she added.

In the comments section, many netizens sympathised with her plight, with one user sharing their own unpleasant experience of buying chicken rice at the same stall.

A handful of users also explained that the stallholder might have given her “leftover” chicken since she ordered a takeaway order.


“That is why when the hawker is cutting up the meat, they are always hiding below the glass display so you can’t see what he intended to give you. Unless you are eating there, he won’t dare to give you the unwanted parts.

“So open up your box of meat on the spot. If its not to your satisfaction, you can tell them straight away. Once you bring it home, you can’t complain,” one user advised.

Chicken Rice from Yishun 925 Chicken Rice Only Has “Four Tiny Slices” of Chicken

Last but not least, Facebook user Ming Hong Lim also uploaded his own complaint regarding chicken rice on Monday (8 August) night, but he bought it from a different stall as well.

According to his post, he only received “four tiny slices” of chicken in his takeaway chicken rice when he bought it from a popular stall located at Block 925 Yishun Central 1.

Image: Facebook (Ming Hong Lim)

He paid $3.50 for the meal.


Many netizens shared their own experiences with eating at the same establishment, and some even said that the chicken rice stalls near their homes come with even fewer pieces of chicken.

However, there were also netizens who pointed out that chicken prices have been on the rise lately, with one Facebook user commenting, “Actually raw chicken price went up 3 times within a month. So can’t blame them.”

On the other hand, those who used to buy from the popular chain mentioned that they no longer frequent the business due to the dip in the dish’s standard.

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And while some of us may look forward to the day when costs get lower and portion sizes get bigger, that might not happen in the near future, at least according to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

During his National Day message on Monday (8 August), he said that Singapore has had low inflation levels and interest rates over the past few decades, but this may not be the case in the future.


He also said that within the next decades, Singaporeans must be ready to deal with a less peaceful and stable economy.

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