Hawker Refused to Sell 2 Bowls of Rice for 1 Order of Fish Soup

If there’s one thing that all Singaporeans love, it’s food, especially rice.

But for all the rice lovers, what if a hawker doesn’t want to give you extra rice?

Well, this man experienced that first-hand when the hawker he ordered fish soup from at Jalan Kukoh Food Centre refused to give him two bowls of rice with his order.

In the end, police officers had to go to the food centre to mediate the situation.

Here’s what happened.

Man Tried to Order Two Bowls of Rice With His Order; Hawker Asked “How Many People Were Eating”

Recently, the customer, a man surnamed Hong (Hanyu pinyin), contacted Shin Min Daily News to speak out about his unpleasant experience at the food centre.

According to the 64-year-old, he decided to buy fish soup from the stall on Tuesday (27 December) afternoon despite the stall having a long queue.

When he reached the front of the queue, he ordered a bowl of fish soup and two bowls of rice.

However, the male stallholder began to question Mr Hong and asked him how many people he was ordering for.

According to Mr Hong, he felt that he had explained his order clearly and that the stallholder was being unnecessarily nosy. Hence, he chose not to answer the stallholder’s question.

Soon after, the female stallholder approached Mr Hong and informed him that each bowl of fish soup would only be served with one bowl of rice and that the stall would not serve him if he insisted on having two bowls of rice.

Took the Bowl of Fish Soup that was Placed at the Stall Instead

Upon seeing that the stallholder was unwilling to serve him an extra bowl of rice, he took the order that had just been cooked at the stall out of spite.

The female stallholder then accused him of “robbery” and trying to get a free meal.

She also called the police.

Female Stallholder’s Perspective

When speaking to Shin Min, the female stallholder explained that Mr Hong had tried to block the way of other customers and prevented them from ordering their meals, which affected her stall’s business.

As for why Mr Hong was so infuriated at the moment, the stallholder said that her husband may have angered Mr Hong due to his loud voice as he is hard of hearing.

She added that her husband had a stroke in the past and had limited mobility as well.

According to the menu displayed at the stall, sliced fish soup costs $4 or $5 per bowl, while fish head soup costs $3.50 or $5, depending on the size of the bowl. An additional bowl of rice costs 50 cents.

Apart from that, it was also indicated that a two-person portion of fish soup costs $12.

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Female Stallholder and Customer Pulled on Tray of Soup; Both Got Injured

During the argument, both Mr Hong and the female stallholder also pulled on the tray of fish soup that Mr Hong tried to take with him.

As a result, the fish soup spilled out of the bowl and scalded both of them.

Both said that their left hands were scalded and blistered due to the spill and that they were both the victim.

After seeing the police arrive at the area, however, Mr Hong passed $5 to the stallholder before leaving the scene.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News