Giant Responds to Netizen Who Found “Cockroach Infestation” in Their Kim Keat Outlet


Extra protein’s always great, especially for all the “gym bros” out there.

Unless it comes from an unwanted insect or pest, of course.

But that’s exactly what a netizen spotted in Toa Payoh while shopping at the Kim Keat Avenue outlet of Giant Supermarket.

Here’s what happened.

Cockroach Infestation in Multiple Vegetable Racks

In a post uploaded to the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group last Saturday (24 December), netizen Aloysius Oh posted multiple videos of cockroaches crawling on food items such as sweet potatoes.

The video also showed other small insects crawling on the sweet potatoes.

Apart from that, he also attached photos of cockroaches crawling around the potatoes and ginger.

Another video posted by Oh suggested that the cockroaches might have entered the shelves through gaps in the bottom.

Not the First Time This Has Happened

In his caption, Oh wrote that it is not the first time he has encountered such unhygienic food products being sold at the store.

“My mum has seen a box of [mouldy] strawberries, and I have seen a rotten tomato too. My mum did tell the supervisor about the rotten tomato (caused by many flies), and the supervisor did remove it, but it seems to be a recurring problem,” he recalled.

I mean, even if you can justify bugs as “extra protein”, I’m pretty sure you can’t justify “extra mould”, eh? 

Another netizen who commented on Oh’s post echoed similar sentiments, claiming that she had previously seen mouldy food at Giant’s Punggol Edgefield branch.

At the end of his post, Oh also shared that he reported the incident to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) after it happened.


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Giant’s Response 

When contacted by 8world, DFI Retail Group, the retail company that operates Giant Supermarket, said that after receiving customer complaints, the supermarket in question promptly carried out the necessary procedures.

This included cleaning and disinfecting the entire fresh produce section, including the rubbish bins and refrigerators. Any food items that were no longer fresh were thrown out as well.

Apart from that, DFI’s spokesperson also revealed that the company hired personnel from a pest control company to conduct a thorough inspection of the supermarket.

Since the incident, DFI has also increased the number of daily checks and cleanings to ensure that food sold at the supermarket is fresh and safe for consumption.

Additionally, the spokesperson emphasised that customers’ health and safety are the company’s top priority and that DFI is taking this incident very seriously.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Aloysius Oh)