The Heartbreaking Story of a S’porean Cancer Patient Who Died 10 Months After Marriage


No matter how unfair or bad your life is, you’ll change your thinking once you hear about this man’s story.

Mr Koh Ming Hao, Terminal Cancer Patient & Husband For Less Than a Year


A manager with Microsoft and a beautiful wife, you’d think he has everything in life.

But you’re wrong.

On 11 June, Straits Times reported that a Singaporean terminal patient, Mr Koh Ming Hao, has passed away on 8 June 2017. It was a day after his 34th birthday.

He was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer back in June 2013, and doctors told him then that he has only a year left to live. 

But he held on and lived for four years. 

Throughout the four years of fighting the illness, he went through more than 60 chemotherapy treatments and a lot of operations. 

But what impressed us the most wasn’t because he beat the odds, but how he lived the 3 extra years.

The way he reacted to his eventual demise was beautiful

What is enough to break most people isn’t enough to stop him. He didn’t wallow in self-pity, refuse to leave his room or just waste away. 

He didn’t lash out at his loved ones, complaining about the unfairness of life and taking out his frustrations on them.

Instead, he continued working, travelling and just making the best of his remaining days. And I’m sure his wife is no small part in this achievement.

Daphnie Chong, probably the light of his life and long-time sweetheart

“Will you love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health…?”

If you want to talk about devotion and love, there’s probably few that can beat his wife, Daphnie Chong, in this department. 

Even before making their wedding vows back in August 2016, she was already living them.

Daphnie and he started dating at 15 years old. When he was diagnosed with cancer, it’s like the entire world crashed and burnt. 

Instead of leaving him, she decided to be there for him at his lowest. She said, “I wanted to be there for him every day for the remainder of his days.” 


They’re going to make the best of his remaining days. And they did.

His condition took a turn for the worse last month even though he was undergoing chemotherapy. 

When he left this world, she simply left this message on her Facebook page: “Till we meet again, babe.”

Moral of the story: Appreciate what you have and never let life get you down. 

Because if you think you have it tough, there’s always someone out there who had it harder and just got over it.

Now, a minute of silence for this brave man who set a role model for fellow cancer patients in Singapore.


And our condolences to his family and the most amazing woman we’ve heard of so far.

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