The Story Of This Taiwanese Woman Who Took Wedding Photos By Herself is Heartbreaking


Last Updated on 2017-09-01 , 6:52 pm

It’s been said that you should live your life to the fullest because you don’t know what’s coming next.

But while we all know that, not many of us do it.

Some of you think happy times can wait till later because 先苦后甜; while others just waited for an opportunity to come by.

But not this girl.

Meet Q May Chen, 27-Year-Old Taiwanese Woman Took Wedding Photos Alone


Like many other women, Q May Chen have always wanted to fall in love and marry the man of her dreams.

Unfortunately, she got the short end of the stick and is suffering from terminal breast cancer.

She had already beaten stage two breast cancer four years ago but suffered a relapse two years later. This time, terminal.

That was the last straw.

Sick and Tired of Waiting for Someone To Come In and Make Her Dreams Come True


She tried waiting for someone to come in and sweep her off her feet but decided, after being diagnosed, that she should just set out and achieve her own life dreams.

That was when she decided to do a wedding shoot alone before she passes on.


She posed in four different wedding dresses, each colour to show a different side of herself.

“The red is for personality, pink is sweet, white yarn is princess, and gauze is sexy,” she said.


It has always been her dream since young to take wedding photos when she gets married.

Time is Valuable, Every Moment Shouldn’t Be Wasted


She decides to come out and share her story with the world in the hope that it will encourage others in the same situation.

So, learn from this and live life to the fullest from now on because you don’t know what’s coming next.


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