Here’s How You Can Prepare to Win at Pokemon Go


Last Updated on 2016-08-17 , 6:25 pm

Pokemon Go is the latest craze now. No matter what you do, or where you go, you’ll hear about the game.

Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? Well, doesn’t matter if it’s now or later, it’s time to get yourself prepared for the Pokemon Go fever!

Refresh Your Memory

If you have forgotten how to or have never played Pokemon before, this would be a good time to dig out your old Gameboy and start playing some games. If you’ve already trashed your Gameboy, you can check out other options online which allow you to play the game.

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Every teenager is now googling what this thing is.


Pokemon Go’s is not your typical video game where you can just sit on the couch for hours on end – to catch em’ all you’ve got to move it! So if you don’t want to huff and puff your way around town – it’s time to get fit. Go for long walks, run, cycle – anything to melt away that flab and get yourself in fighting shape.

Preparing Your Smartphone for Pokemon Go

Besides preparing yourself physically, you’ll also need a smartphone with long battery life as this game is known to suck it dry. Although there are various battery-saving options, it would be best to get yourself a smartphone casing that comes with a battery pack. If you don’t want to be disrupted by incoming calls/messages etc. you might want to get another smartphone just to play this game. This is where those data-only sim cards come in handy!

This is one situation where you don’t want to find yourself in.
This is one situation where you don’t want to find yourself in.


To get started on this adventure, you’ll definitely need some form of transport to get to different places quickly and not worry about parking. Not everyone has the luxury of a chauffeur or even being able to cab/uber your way around. For this, we’d recommend something like an electric scooter (for the lazy) or a good sturdy bicycle (bonus: your thighs also grow as your character levels up.)


Get Enough Rest and Stay Hydrated

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Go requires lots of mental strength and physical endurance. With the weather in Singapore, you also need to remember to drink lots of water – no good spotting that Mew if you faint before you can catch it!

Play Safely

If you’ve been following up on Pokemon Go-related news, you’ve seen the sometimes dangerous stunts people are pulling to catch the little buggers. Remember, even as an adult, the same rules of road safety you’ve learnt in primary school still apply! Always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe!

pokemon 3


Don’t neglect your loved ones

You might be excited about the game but not all of your loved ones share the same enthusiasm, so remember to still spend quality time with them while you go on your quest!

Or even better, get them addicted also and you can hunt together!

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