Here’s The Confirm-Win Formula In ‘Chopsticks’, The Finger Game All 90s Kids Used To Play


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 11:47 am

Back when the use of smartphones is not as common as it is now, I’m sure you have played the game chopsticks with your friends before.

Nobody knows where the game of chopsticks first originated from, but one thing for sure is that it was a favourite among all of us during our childhood.

I’m sure some of you will be frustrated by the seemingly impossible task of winning at this game despite trying your very best to outsmart your friend.

If you have still not managed to figure out how to win at playing chopsticks, here is a guide on how to ensure a win whenever you play it.

The key to winning is to start first. The reason behind why starting first is important is because you have control over the gameplay and that the steps for you to win are already etched in stone.

What if you don’t start first

However, there is still a way for you to get a win even if you did not start first. Here some steps that you can follow in order to get the win you have dreamt of even though you start second.

Split your hands

The first thing you must keep in mind is that this strategy only works if you split your hand during the game.

By splitting, it means that instead of tapping your opponent’s hand, you should split your own hand. Doing so allows you to redistribute your hand to avoid a dead hand.

Avoid adding to your opponent

The second thing you must remember to do is to avoid tapping the opponent’s hand as much as possible. Doing so will make him unable to get an even-numbered hand to split and this will make it harder for him to recover from splitting.

Never win all the time

The third thing to remember is that constantly winning is not the most glorious thing that you can achieve. The key is to lose once in awhile such that your opponents do not get tired of always losing to you and make you become the most hated person when you play chopsticks with them. #TrueStory