Here’s What You Should You Know About The ‘Kidnapping Scare’ That Happened in S’pore Recently

Image: The Straits Times,IB World Schools Yearbook

I am sure most of us would agree that Singapore is a relatively safe place to live in.

We are not at war, nor do we have natural disasters. To top if off, we also have a comparatively lower crime rate.

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So it kinda took the Internet by storm when two separate incidents of ‘kidnapping’ happened recently, according to TODAYonline.

Here’s what happened:

11 Jan 2018

A male driver offered a ride to a female student from United World College (UWC) South-east Asia Dover Middle School.

The girl was waiting for her bus at Dover Road.

In a letter issued to parents by the school, UWC said that the girl was approached by a man driving a van who asked the girl to get into the vehicle.

“The student took exactly the right action: She did not respond, walked away in the opposite direction of the van, and informed a known adult,” said the letter.

The girl and her parents filed a police report that night.

After investigations, it is found that he had “no ill intent” and was just kindly offering a ride as it was raining.

16 Jan 2018

In an unrelated incident, a student from Tanglin Trust School (TTS) was asked to hop into a white van driven by a woman.

There was another person inside the van at that point in time.

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The duo asked her to get in but she rejected. They then got off the van to persuade her but she continued ignoring them until she reached her school.

The student reported the incident to school staff, who also informed her parents.

TTS later filed a police report, including a request for greater police presence in the vicinity.

The case is still being investigated.

How schools responded

According to The Straits Times, both schools have sent letters to parents, informing them about the incidents, while students have been taught the appropriate measures to keep themselves safe.

TTS advised parents that “students should not walk alone in the vicinity of the school but walk with friends”.

A UWC spokesman said the school also alerted schools in the area and other international schools.


Although technically we’re now left with one possible-kidnap case, it doesn’t mean that we should let our guards down.

So parents, do make sure your kids are aware of the SOP when approached by a stranger!

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Featured image: The Straits Times,IB World Schools Yearbook