Everything You Need to Know About S’pore Durian Generation in 60 Sec

Every Singaporean should know by now the attitude of a person in the Strawberry Generation. But other than the Strawberry Generation, have you heard of the Durian Generation?

If not, let us show you two examples of two people who belong to the Durian Generation, usually someone born between 1980 to 2010.

Eric is a five-year-old boy who was shopping with his parents. As he was in a clothing shop unattended by his parents, he started to mess around the dress, staining the clothes with his chocolate.

A sales assistant approached him and told him nicely not to do that, but he scolded the sales assistant, saying that his parents would come and “fire” the sales assistant. His parents then appeared all of a sudden.

When the sales assistant explained to the parents politely about what has happened, the parents tossed cash at the sales assistant, saying this: “Don’t you bully my boy! I don’t care what he’s done—how much is the dress? Is this enough?”

In case you’re shocked, this is a true story related by a sales assistant to the media a few years back. Do you need another example? Okay, here’s one: a twenty-year-old boy has just enlisted into the army.

Halfway through his BMT, when he told his instructors that he would not like to continue his training, his instructors laughed and said that was not possible. The boy then cried, called his parents and the next day, the parents spoke to the commanding officer and instructors, claiming that their son was bullied.

The instructors, commanding officer and others involved got into trouble—but not that boy. By now, you should know who we’re referring to. A person in the Durian Generation is so protected that if anything goes against his wishes, he just need to tell his parents and they’ll come to his rescue.

It’s coined the Durian Generation because they themselves are weak but has become somewhat fearsome because of the shells (parents).

While you can scold and ignore people from the Strawberry Generation who are often harmless, people from the Durian Generation aren’t—they’ve got power (their parents) and so, you’ll have to do what they want simply because they’ll use that power if you disobey their orders.

Do you have a friend who belongs to the Durian Generation? Or are you one?

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