Here’s Why You Should Visit City Plaza Singapore – A Hidden Gem

Nestled in the heart of an extremely diverse and eclectic area, City Plaza Singapore is home to Refash’s flagship store. Besides its new neighbours Paya Lebar Square and One KM, malls that have sprouted up in recent years, City Plaza Singapore itself is a time capsule full of vintage gems that have been buried under bigger, more modern brands that populate newer malls. At the same time, surrounded by Geylang Serai and Tanjong Katong, the area is also steeped in culture.

There’s something for everyone in and about City Plaza Singapore, from fashion and beauty to electronics. (Okay, we might be biased – so you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself.) After you’ve finished a productive shopping spree, there’s no shortage of unique eateries to pop into for some tasty, well-deserved grub.

Here’s what you can expect from this underrated, unassuming gem:


We’re not just tooting our own horn because City Plaza Singapore counts Refash among its ranks. Besides being able to shop affordable and high-quality secondhand fashion from well-known brands at Refash, and drop off your own secondhand clothes to sell with barely any effort, there are a ton of other fashion stores to peruse.

These stores stock the whole range of items. Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories… you name it, they have it. Like Refash, prices start from as low as $5. Make the $5 or $10 racks your new favourite hangout, and you won’t have to feel your wallet burn the next time you shop. In fact, many blog shops get their items at wholesale prices from these shops, so skip online shopping altogether for an even better deal at City Plaza.

(Pro tip: the price labels in many stores aren’t fixed and owners are often willing to part with items for much lower prices, so bargain to your heart’s content!)


The natural accompaniment to a fashion haven would be a beauty enthusiast’s dream, and City Plaza Singapore delivers on that account. You’ll find salons offering nail, hair, eyelash or brow services, sometimes even all of those in one salon.

Many have raved about the quality, yet inexpensive, manicure services, such as Nail Look School and Secret Beauty. 


Besides fashion and beauty, you’ll find shops touting electronics, mobile devices and accessories, and repair services. Beware of scams, unreasonable staff or fake goods, though. Some stores have been called out for swindling customers and providing poor service.

Among the multitude of sometimes-scammy electronic shops, however, you’ll also find a gem for fans of vintage electronic devices and film photography. Power Photo Store will set you up with a whole range of vintage photography equipment and electronic toys and even provides processing, developing and camera repair services.


It’s hard not to find something that’ll get your mouth watering in this area, or a good spot to hang out or catch up with friends. These are just a few good eats you can find:

Arnold’s – Google City Plaza and the few articles that come up will probably at least throw a passing mention at Arnold’s. One of the few stores that have endured a lasting tenure at City Plaza through the years, the City Plaza outlet was Arnold’s very first one and one of the first few halal eateries in Singapore. Known for its crispy chicken that’s fried to perfection, it’s not to be passed over for KFC any day.

Tanjong Katong / Joo Chiat area – it’s no secret that this neighbourhood in the South East of our sunny island is full of great eats. From traditional Singaporean fare (Katong Laksa, anyone?) to the growing number of hip cafes, bistros and bars, you’ll find something to satisfy any craving you have. We’re no food experts, so we’re gonna direct you to Honeycombers for more comprehensive recommendations

The Tuckshop
– on the other side of City Plaza, the self-described ‘contemporary social space’ lies along Guillemard Road and faces Geylang River. A blend of local flavour and contemporary sensibilities, The Tuckshop seeks to add to the community and is more than your average eatery or bar. Tuck in and have a drink on us!

We’ve barely scraped the surface of this incredible mall and neighbourhood. If you’ve any recommendations, advice or personal favourite shops or eateries, we’d love to hear them!

The best part is how accessible it is. A short walk from Paya Lebar MRT, City Plaza is also serviced by a number of buses at a bus stop right at its doorstep.

Give Orchard and Bugis a skip in favour of Geylang Serai for your next shopping trip or weekend hangout. If not for the prices and diverse choices, then for the amazing fusion of old and new, and the cultural richness of the area – the perfect embodiment of Singapore.



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