Here’s What Happened During The Meeting That Resulted in Running Man’s Cancellation


It’s one heck of a meeting that ended one of the longest-running show in Korea.

Following the controversy that involved the sudden departure of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, the producers and the cast had an emergency meeting that, well, resulted in a decision to end Running Man.

The news shocked Asia, for this show had been so popular that even people in the US have watched it.

So, what exactly happened during the meeting?

Well, Jung Cheol Min, the producer of Running Man, made a statement that, to be honest, seemed more like a damage control than an explanation.

“There was a problem in the way we communicated. Before we could even say ‘What’s going on’ the situation got out of hand and misunderstandings had developed. We were discussing multiple styles of formatting change and due to a lack of communication, things got out of control and the unthinkable happened. We used to be like family but now things are awkward between us. Even during the meeting today we were all saying ‘Why has it come to this?’”

Mr Jung, I could tell you why it has come to this: if you guys had communicated instead of making decisions without the stakeholders’ feedback, it won’t have come to this.

“The members weren’t the only ones that were like family, the producers were just as close. It makes no sense that we would do such things on purpose, it was all a misunderstanding due to a lack of communication. We are still close but I couldn’t avoid being saddened by how they were hurt all because of misunderstandings.”

Misunderstanding and miscommunication? Okay, mistake made; now, let’s move on to the solutions. And guess what’s the solution?

“We decided that things shouldn’t end this way and that it’s only right we end things right together.  So we decided to end things with a blast and everyone okayed it. We also cleared up all the misunderstandings that had built up.”

Here’s my question: is this the best solution, or the easiest solution? Has the decision to end the show being made even prior to the meeting? Like, you know, making decisions without informing the stakeholders…again?

“The producers and the members had a tight bond. We were like family so it hurt us to see them suffer. We cleared up everything by the end of the meeting. The filming for this week has been canceled and since we have an end date in mind now, we are discussing how we are going to format the last few episodes.”

So, to sum it all up, during the meeting, the producers emphasized how close they were, and they shouldn’t end in this awkward situation. Instead, they should end it the “right way”, and so they cancelled the show.

I don’t know about you, but why is it that every time the producers answer some questions, it leads to even more questions? I’m bias against the producers, but from the way things look from the surface, how can any Running Man fan not be?

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