Here’s What will Happen if You Leave Your Baby Pram Unattended in a Carpark

Last Updated on 2017-05-30 , 3:07 pm

Well, based on your common sense, what do you think will happen? And thankfully, no babies were harmed. 

A video was posted online last week on Facebook page showing an unattended pram in the middle of the car park. Seconds later, a car was seen reversing into the pram.

And if you think that was worse, well, the car then drives forward and reverses to ram into the pram again. The video then shows a man getting down from the car and staring at the pram, looking absolutely dumbfounded. The lady, supposedly his wife, rushes over to carry the baby up.

Man sees the pram on the floor, takes out his phone and starts messaging

At that point of time, the man still shows no sign of concern and proceeds to whip out his phone to start messaging.

Why? Updating your Twitter feed even more important than a baby that almost died?

A startled passerby then steps in to check what happened. Upon realising that there was a baby in the pram, she is also appalled and proceeds to pick up her phone to make a call.

So yes, according to the video, this was the gist of what happened. Not only were they very careless, it shows how irresponsible they were as parents.

The netizens who commented on the video clearly felt so too.

However, there were people who felt that this incident did not happen in Singapore as the female driver was driving left-handed.

But still, if you leave a pram unattended, this could really happen in Singapore.

You can view the video here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SBS – Sure Boh Singapore)

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