Popular Hi-Chew’s Green Apple Flavour Will be Discontinued After 40 Years


Last Updated on 2022-08-09 , 8:26 am

Whether it’s finding out that your favourite show just got cancelled, or leaving a country knowing you’ll probably never go back again for fear of China’s military taking you out, goodbyes are never easy.

This time, Hi-Chew’s green apple flavour lovers have to bid farewell to their beloved chewy sweet.

40 Years of Delivering Sweet Chewy Tastiness

We don’t really know what’s in them, or how much sugar is packed into one, but these deliciously chewy sweets has had many of us hooked since primary school.

They come in a variety of flavours, such as Cola, Grape, and Strawberry.

The sweet was invented in Japan by Taichiro Morinaga, who wanted to make a chewing-gum-like sweet that did not require its consumer to spit it out afterwards, since it was considered impolite to do so in Japan. In 1930, he created the sweet and the brand Morinaga was born.

About 50 years later, in 1982, it introduced the green apple flavour.

It contains real fruit juices and purees, as with its fruity counterparts.

After 40 years of being on supermarket shelves, Sora News reported that the Japanese confectioner announced it will be retiring the Green Apple flavour and stopping production of its 12-piece packs by the end of August 2022.

A Tearful, Cartoony Farewell

Image: Youtube (Morinage)

The Japanese brand decided to break the difficult news to its Japanese fans via an animated video, starring the now-discontinued apple flavour and a strawberry flavoured pack.


A translation of their conversation is as follows:

Green Apple: “Strawberry, the truth is, I’ve gone out of production.”
Strawberry: “What? Really?”
Green Apple: “Yeah. Thank you, for everything you ever did for me.”
Strawberry: “What are you saying? It’s not like you to come right out and say it like that. I’ll miss you so much.”
Green Apple: “Strawberry…”
Strawberry: “I’m sorry, I can’t…”
Green Apple: “Strawberry!”

Feeling emotional? Hold off from the tissues just yet. As it turns out, the strawberry pack wasn’t too devastated by the loss as seen from what it thought was its “inner monologue” that followed.

Image: Youtube (Morinage)

Strawberry: “Ahh, it’s just Green Apple that’s getting retired. Good. Hahaha!”
Green Apple: “Umm…I can hear you.”


Although Hi-Chew’s Green Apple flavoured sweet will longer be available for purchase in the 12-piece pack form, Sora News reported that it will still be included in assorted flavour packs.

As of now, you can still get the Green Apple packs at places like Cold Storage or Giant.

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Featured Image: Youtube (Morinaga)