HIV Negative Woman Married To HIV+ Man For 6 Years Says ‘They Live Like A Normal Couple’

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Love conquers all.

Even HIV.

Or at least, that’s how it’s like for a Malaysian woman who’s been married to an HIV+ man for six years and is still leading a happy and healthy life despite it.

HIV+ Man and HIV- Woman Married For Six Years

People with HIV often find themselves having to face the struggle of living with stigma and hate. This usually comes about because of common misconceptions and assumptions that others make about the virus.

Being harshly judged could end up affecting their confidence and also have negative effects on their mental health.

However, one Malaysian man was lucky enough to find a woman who would love him despite his condition.

Netizen @Suamikuhivpoz recently took to Twitter to share how it has been six years since she lived with her HIV positive husband, and how they “live like a normal couple”.

In the tweet, she says:

“Yes, I am HIV negative, and it is almost six years now, since living with my husband who is HIV+. With HAART treatment, we live like a normal married couple!”

Image: Twitter (@Suamikuhivpoz)

HAART Treatment 

She has always been very open about their serodiscordant relationship on social media. A serodiscordant relationship, also known as mixed-status, is when one partner is infected with HIV and the other isn’t.

And what makes this relationship work?

According to @Suamikuhivpoz, it’s the HAART treatment.

Speaking to World of Buzz, she said, “What’s most important is for those with HIV to be compliant with the HAART treatment and even though it is for life, once you reach the stage of undetectable viral load, you are the same to non-HIV people — able to get married and have kids free of HIV.”

Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) is not able to cure someone of HIV, but it can control and delay the progression of HIV to AIDS.

So basically, a person with HIV who uses HAART can end up living a full and healthy life.


As long as they commit to taking their pills daily, of course.

HIV Is No Longer A Death Sentence

@Suamikuhivpoz also said that she hopes to stop the stigma against HIV positive people.

“Do not be afraid to know your status. HIV is no longer a death sentence. Everyone should know whether or not they have HIV and seek treatment once they are diagnosed,” she added as a word of advice.

Although HIV stigma does seem to run in human nature, we can definitely work on being more accepting and not causing those with HIV to feel ostracised or discriminated.

Plus, it really isn’t that difficult being in a serodiscordant relationship in today’s world, thanks to science and advances in medical technology.

Her message was also relayed by experts worldwide, and many agreed that seeking early treatment is the key to battling HIV.

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