HK Actress Carmen Lee Revealed How She Managed To Stay Looking Young At 45 Years Old

Every girl has probably thought of wanting everlasting beauty, and every boy has probably thought of wanting everlasting suaveness.

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But I’m pretty sure that as we grew up and our skin aged faster than our body, we gave up on that dream.

That is unless you’re one of the blessed few who looks flawless. In which case, please exit.

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We can’t enrol into Hogwarts and attempt to conjure up a beauty spell for immortality, or beg for an Edward Cullen to turn us into vampires; so what can we do?

Hong Kong actress Carmen Lee, who seems to have perfected the trick, shares her deepest, most elusive secret to timeless youth.

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And don’t worry; everyone can do it. In fact, some would even argue that it is simple. But is attaining beauty really as effortless as walking down a flower road?

Apparently, yes. Not that effortless but doable.

It All Begins With An “E”

According to the actress, exercising at least thrice a week — each session two hours long — is the trick to looking like you’re 25 instead of 45.

Honest to god, that is all there is. No diets, no restrictions, no nothing. No strings attached. Simply exercise regularly, and we can replicate her seemingly eternal beauty.

The bottom line is: go ahead and indulge in the sweet milkiness of chocolate, or pastries infamously known for high carbohydrates. Just burn it all of with exercise routines, and the end result is both an attractive figure and face.

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Netizens’ Response

What follows after her advice? Floods of criticism on the internet, of course. And the reigning backlash, unsurprisingly, is on her face.

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The dominant accusations criticised the actress of going under the knife or doing botox. Nothing a rich actress can’t spend on to remain relevant in the increasingly superficial entertainment industry, after all.

Others argued against the validity of the first assumption — that her face even looks young in the first place.

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Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. Though, those who oppose her beauty may have to face the wrath of her 939,426 fans who will surely fight back vehemently.

The icing on the cake is probably the perverts out there who simply wish to appreciate her face and figure, whether it is fake or not.

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I feel that 45 years old is a tad too old to be under perverts’ purview though; unless there are people who favour the opposite of Lolis.

Alas, perhaps the reality of our average looks cannot be torn down so easily after all. For those desperate enough to attain that ideal though, her advice is probably worth a follow.

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