Man in Hong Kong Died Due to Wuhan Virus; The 2nd Death Outside China


Lest you’re not aware, some people in Hong Kong are still in protest mood.

And we’re not talking about those who wear black masks; we’re talking about those with surgical masks.

Medical workers have voted to go on a strike if Hong Kong doesn’t shut down all entry points from China, and the strike wasn’t just a threat: yesterday, hundreds of non-essential medical workers walked off from their job and they promised that the essential medical workers would follow suit if their demands aren’t met.

Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam then announced a suspension of 10 border crossings with mainland China, leaving just 3 open.

Medical workers aren’t happy and said that 9,000 workers from Hospital Authority Employees Alliance (HAEA) of the roughly 18,000 would still go on strike today (4 February 2020).

It seems like they’ve a bigger problem today.

Man in Hong Kong Died Due to Wuhan Virus; The 2nd Death Outside China

Two days ago, the first person who died outside of China due to the Wuhan virus was reported.


It was a 44-year-old man from China who had been in The Philippines for a holiday.

Today, a second person outside of China died from the Wuhan virus.

Though, however, you’d have to interpret it very loosely; the man had an underlying illness.

The 39-year-old man had taken a train to Wuhan from Hong Kong on 21 January 2020—the day when it was just confirmed that human-to-human transmission of the virus was confirmed.


Two days later, he took a train from Changshanan back to Hong Kong.

According to the Centre for Health Protection, the man had not visited any healthcare facilities, wet markets or seafood markets, and had no exposure to wild animals during the incubation period.

He developed muscle pain and fever just last week, and was put in isolation immediately.

The man became the 13th confirmed case in Hong Kong after being diagnosed on 31 January 2020.

According to HK01, he had died of sudden heart failure.

The Department of Health and the Hospital Authority will have a press conference this afternoon.

Hong Kong has a total of 15 cases so far, including one that was transmitted domestically.

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