This Hot Chic Is A Real-life Wonder Woman Who Can Ace IPPT #LikeaBoss


Justice League is out today and that means you get to see Gal Gadot don the iconic Wonder Woman costume while she tries to save the day.


This leggy bombshell might be a bona fide actress but did you know she served two years in the Israeli Defence Forces? You know, just like our NS.

Beauty, brawn, and brains (she enrolled herself in law school before pursuing acting full-time): what more can you ask for?

Now, there is another hot Israeli chick who is hot on Gal Gadot’s trail.

In the spirit of #ThirstyThursdays, let me introduce you to a girl that is pretty and tough.

She goes by the name of Kim Mellibovsky, who is believed to be 22, and is taking social media by storm.


According to Stomp, she has been dubbed “the world’s hottest soldier”.


I can see why.

Her Instagram has 26.2k followers as of writing time and I would assume that it will keep growing.

Military service is compulsory for Jewish Israelis for both men and woman. The former will serve three years and the latter will serve 2 years.

(Okay, having females in exchange for a longer NS…any taker?)

Their military service is no joke, as even Gal Gadot mentioned in an interview that the military training was tougher than the training she got in order to play Wonder Woman.

And to top it off, she is off the market.


I am sorry guys!

But you can always follow her on Instagram.

Of course, it’s unknown if she is an “NSF” or a regular, but who cares: having females in NS might just make NS a tad more…exciting, no?


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