Hougang Pasar Malam Has Interesting Food Like Brown Sugar Mango Float, Mala Skewers & Lala Soup

Did you perhaps want to head down to Hougang for fun after seeing that Hougang Ave 8 Has Shops with Interesting & Creative Names?

Or maybe you needed some kind of reason to go to Hougang?

In which case we have the perfect recommendation since this Pasar Malam is also at Hougang Ave 8.

It’s the seventh month now, and we know that the ghosts are hungry but it’s important to not be hungry ghosts ourselves.

Pasar Malam at Hougang Ave 8 Blk 681-687 from 27 July to 13 Aug

The original post is shown in Singapore Night Bazaar’s Facebook page, and pictures are from them unless specified.

Date: 27 July 2019 to 13 August 2019
Venue: Open Space in front of Blk681 to Blk687 Hougang Ave 8

So, what can you expect from this pasar malam? Aren’t they all selling the same thing?

Well, no.

Mala stall in a pasar malam?

If you thought Pasar Malams would impede Mala from squirming their way in, you’d be wrong. This is the first and only (according to them) Mala Spicy Skewers Stall.

But before you go “OMG!”, you need to know that they don’t only sell Mala skewers, which are at S$0.60 each.

There’s also dumplings, sour spicy vermicelli, mala noodles. They’re basically bringing the whole hawker stall here.

OMG Sweet Potato Balls

Yeah, now you can go OMG. Because OMGDesserts are bringing their Sweet Potato Balls.

Fresh BBQ Prawns

Or maybe sweet potato is too cheap for you. How about prawns then? They’re selling Lala soup here too.

(Hopefully the chiobu is still there, though)

Teochew Meat Puff – Rare find!

You also know them as Fuzhou Oyster Cake. These are disappearing from hawker centres and kopitiam, which is a sad thing cause their supple amounts of meat and oyster with the fried dough can only be described as delicious.

I wonder if this one will provide the sour and savoury chili that makes the oyster cakes even better?

Grilled Mushrooms

But tradition aside, Pasar Malam is also about simple food – like grilled mushrooms. I spot Wasabi, Shichimi, Original, Lemon, Seaweed, Black pepper, Curry, and Rose flavours here.

Taiwanese Bites

And talking about good, simple food, you can’t forget the Taiwan bites that are usually simple to prepare but generous in portions and packed with flavour.

Thirsty Yet? Get a Mango Float or Thai Tea

A simple mango juice is just $1.50 if you’re a cheapo feeling thrifty.

A float might be a little high on the price starting at S$5.00, but this is one of those kinds of hipster stalls that wants to add in brown sugar just because.

There’s also mango sticky rice, thai mango salad, and mango cheese spring roll at S$5.00.

But otherwise, Thai milk teas are the standard stalls now.

ok, still, there are the usual fares.

Other Pasar Malam classics

We can’t forget the classics. Look at the queue for this tutu kueh!

Don’t forget to grab a fake Ramly.

Another rare find nowadays—roasted chestnuts.

A classic alongside Ramly, Wadeh.

And the very common Kebab.

And if you feel like shopping instead of eating, they have Pasar Malam games and shops selling accessories.

So… What’re you waiting for?

Gather your Hougang friends, or gather friends to go Hougang.

If I haven’t made you hungry yet, I’m already hungry myself.

I’ll be seeing you there 😉

Image: Giphy