House of Seafood Owner Claims Diner Staged Photos of Cockroach in Food & Asked for ‘Large Compensation’


Last Updated on 2022-11-02 , 12:08 pm

If the name ‘House of Seafood’ rings a bell, that is because this isn’t the first time they have entered the media’s limelight. In fact, the restaurant by the Punggol coast has come under fire for multiple controversies previously.

Remember the restaurant that had a live crab claw machine? Or the restaurant that brought its crabs out for a breezy walk? Yep, both were House of Seafood.

And now, they’re back.

House of Seafood Owner Claims Diner Stage Photos of Cockroach in Food & Asked for ‘Large Compensation’

Consuming insects might be mainstream in Singapore soon, but to find an insect in your food now might be a disturbing experience.

That’s what allegedly happened to a diner from House of Seafood, but the owner of the restaurant has shot back, implying that there’s more than what meets the eyes.

Here’s the next episode of “House of Seafood Saga”, an ongoing series that doesn’t appear to have any season finale.

First Shot Fired: Cockroach in my Dim Sum

On 19 October, Facebook user Kristine Giam posted these images on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook Page with this caption: “Cockroach found in dim sum @ House of seafood, punggol. Disgusting, almost bite into it already. Not a full grown size (I might be wrong cos I’m not a roach expert)”

Image: Facebook (Kristine Giam)
Image: Facebook (Kristine Giam)

She also tagged Singapore Food Agency, National Environment Singapore and House of Seafood.

This won’t have garnered much attention, because finding insects in food is now as common as finding influencers who do an OOTD every day.

According to a follow-up post that the diner posted in her own Facebook account, she claimed that the staff member that attended to her could not make any decision, and therefore only offered to waive off the affected item.


She had wanted the restaurant to waive off the cost of the entire meal, but was offered a $50 voucher instead, which she declined.

She also added that the staff member was “fast” to remove the affected plate from the table.

The post on COMPLAINT SINGAPORE garnered merely 35 Shares, which means it’s just another Wednesday.

But that didn’t end, because the restaurant owner has responded.

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Return Fire by the Boss

8World then managed to get more details from the boss of House of Seafood.

The boss apologised, saying that he was sorry for the incident.


The insect, he claimed, might not have come from his kitchen.

He said that the insect might have flown in when the door was opened and landed on the food.


As to why the insect had posed diligently on the food for a photo instead of flying away, I can only assure that it’s an influencer so it immediately froze when someone is pointing a camera at it.

The boss then said that based on the CCTV footage, which he also provided, there were initially three siu mais in a basket.

Image: 8World as provided by the boss

She had eaten one, and when she allegedly saw the insect on her plate, she took the effort to put the remaining siu mais on her plate, found a good angle that can show the restaurant signage and took a picture.

And like what I’ve mentioned, the only plausible reason for the insect’s full cooperation for this elaborate ruse is probably its desire for fame.

The boss said that like what the diner had mentioned, she wanted a full waiver of the entire meal, but was rejected. However, the boss added that she asked for a “large compensation”—an amount that isn’t revealed—and refused any compensation for any medical fee should she need to visit a doctor.

The boss then added that they’ve increased the frequency of their pest control sessions and would try their best to prevent insects from flying in.


And oh, by the way, Singapore Food Agency did indeed found lapses in the restaurant and would be taking action against them.

I don’t know, maybe install a better door?

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Featured Image: House of Seafood & Facebook (Kristine Giam)