Durian Season is Back Again & Durian Prices in S’pore Are Dropping Again


Durian lovers, rejoice.

While the year-end durian season usually begins around November to December, it has already started this year earlier due to favourable weather conditions.

And with that comes incredibly low prices, for the prices of durians have now gone down to around $8 to $15 per kg, even for species such as Mao Shan Wang durians.

However, it seems like durian sellers in Singapore aren’t as happy as the customers.

And here’s why.

Reason Behind Change in Durian Season

When contacted by Shin Min Daily News, many sellers explained that the unusually large amount of rainfall earlier in the year caused the main durian season that usually occurs in June to become “smaller”.

Instead, the “main” durian season has been pushed to the end of the year.

Sellers’ Reactions to Increase in Durians

As for what sellers think of the increase in the supply of durians, the owner of a durian stall in Toa Payoh revealed that they have been able to sell durians every single day since June, and that the number of durians is likely to increase as the durian season goes on.

Apart from that, he also shared that the number of durians produced during this current season is around twice to thrice the amount produced in June earlier this year, which has contributed to the even lower prices.

On the other hand, a worker from Deluxe SG, a store located in Geylang, revealed that the number of customers that have bought durians from them has fallen by half.

This might be due to the fact that customers are unaware that the durian season has started earlier this year.

The store, which sells Mao Shan Wang durian for just $12 per kg, would stock up to 80 baskets of durians every day during the durian season earlier this year, but only takes in around 20 baskets every day now.

The employee added that around 80% of durians produced now are Mao Shan Wang durians, and that the number of durians will increase over the following weeks.

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As for the owner of another store that specialises in online durian sales, he revealed that the market has yet to “heat up” despite the attractively low prices offered by durian stores across the island.

In particular, he highlighted how sellers were unable to earn much profit in the middle of the year due to the relatively low production of durians, and that sellers have been anticipating this current durian season.

However, he added that there is still “no crowd” to purchase durians now.


The owner shared that he currently stocks up around ten baskets of durians every day, and claimed that he will be making a loss if he is unable to sell these ten baskets’ worth of durians every day.

He also emphasised how Grade B Mao Shan Wang durians are only going for around $10 per kg, and that now is a good time for durian lovers to eat their fill.”

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