Huawei Matebook Pro Launch To Be Postponed ‘Until Further Notice’

Ah, Huawei.



Just a few months ago, their name was plastered all over the news for their groundbreaking P30 camera phone that could zoom into just about anything, including the HD face of that cute guy opposite the street who you’re totally not spying on.

In these few weeks, however, their name still remains everywhere on news outlets, but for a completely different reason.

Here’s The Flashback:

If you’re Patrick Star and has been living under a rock for your whole life, you might not have heard of the Huawei saga where Google and other US businesses have pulled their systems from Huawei phones, but luckily Goody Feed’s here to keep you up to speed.

Here’s all you need to know about the Huawei saga:

What a wild ride it was, right?

And It’s Not Just Their Phones

It’s really time to rethink our mobile phone choices – if you wanted to get a Huawei device, perhaps you may be very sceptical now, as anyone would be.

My friend who recently bought a Huawei P30 just for the amazing camera is now crying in regret. But hey, at least she can zoom in to see each molecule in her tears.

The great big ban on Huawei has not only affected their mobile phones but also their other products like their laptops.

Matebook, was it?

Earlier this year, it was announced that Huawei’s Matebook laptops would be launched in Singapore on 30 May 2019 following its launch in other countries, which is only a few days away from now.

Image: Huawei

Being extremely similar to Apple’s MacBook products right down to its name, the ultra-thin ultrabook laptop boasts high-end specs such as long battery life and a super speed processor and was touted to be one of the fiercest contenders for ultrabook laptops.

We even wrote a whole article about how amazing it is.

They were supposed to be available on Huawei’s online store, all Huawei Concept Stores and The PC Show from this Thursday, going for $1,348.

But alas, with all the drama that’s been piling up on Huawei lately, looks like we’re not going to be getting our Matebooks as soon as we thought.

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If you were still set on getting a Huawei product despite all the uncertainty, that is.

Delayed launch

As previously discovered just last week, Microsoft had pulled all Huawei products off their online stores with no explanation.

They had refused to comment if they would be banning Huawei from using their Windows OS, which the Matebook runs on.

This would mean that those laptops would definitely be largely affected – I’m no tech expert, but I know that a laptop definitely needs a system to run on and Huawei’s own rumoured OS that they’ve been developing probably isn’t finished either.

As a result, the launch of the Matebook in Singapore has been delayed, with no confirmed new date in sight.

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A media event for it was scheduled to be on 22 May, and that was also postponed.

The official launch of the Matebook 13 and Matebook X Pro in Singapore would be “put on hold until further notice”, confirmed a spokesperson from Huawei Singapore.


So if you were still one of those stubborn people who wanted to buy the admittedly great laptop even when your friends and family said it wasn’t a good idea, you’ll just have to wait even longer, which could take up to a year.

So… what now?

Huawei is most likely trying to develop their own OS systems for their laptops as well in case Microsoft really does ban them from using Windows OS in the Matebook and other Huawei laptops.

Either that or they’re trying to come to an agreement with them, so it will definitely take some time before the issue is solved.

Their own independent system has been planned for release earliest in Quarter 3 of 2019, or at the latest, Quarter 1 of 2020.

However, with more and more companies jumping on to the banwagon (see what I did there), they have more challenges in their path to independence.


Looks like Huawei’s got some miracles to pull off.

It’s best to steer clear of Huawei’s products for now until the situation has stabilised and until you’re sure you can live without Google Maps and YouTube on your devices. (How?)

Good ol’ Macbook never fails.


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