Husband of the Couple Who Abused Girl to Death Says He Was ‘Protecting’ The Girl

Protect. To defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger.

This is how has defined the word.

I’m not sure if Pua Hak Chuan (38), the man who admitted to the torture of Miss Annie Ee Yu Ee (26), fully understood the meaning of the word.

He claimed that his attacks on the victim were attempts to “protect” the victim from further abuse from his wife, Tan Hui Zhen (33).


According to Pua, he is afraid of his wife.

“I did not condone her beating of the deceased, but I did not dare to defy her.

“Had I not beaten her as instructed by my wife, she would have continued to hit her.”

Hold on a freaking minute. What kind of logic is this?


If you really wanted to protect the victim, shouldn’t you have stopped your wife from hitting her instead?

Pua also claimed that his wife would tell him to hit the victim harder if his strikes were lacking in strength. So, is he trying to say that he is hitting her lightly on purpose?

From how I see it, no matter how light his strikes were, he still hit the victim.

Pua also said that he was a silent observer most of the time and was simply an accomplice, using the reason to plead for a lighter sentence.

Ok, even so, you’re still as guilty as your wife.


Personally, I strongly believe that onlookers are also guilty of the crimes committed by the perpetrator.

Even if he’s really scared of his wife, he could’ve sought help from others.

Get a neighbor, dial 999 or something, and not “apologize to the victim” as his wife was hitting the victim.


On the 29th of December, 2014, Pua was sent to Khoo Tech Puat Hospital after overdosing on medication.

Pua revealed that he deliberately overdosed on medication so that he could numb himself from the torture he was witnessing.

“I don’t dare to interfere with my wife’s affairs.” said Pua during a psychiatric evaluation.

Perhaps, what Pua really needs was a psychiatrist. His fear towards his wife is simply irrational.

Or perhaps he was just lying, in an attempt to get a lighter sentence. If that’s the case, nice try.


However, all that means nothing now. An innocent life was lost because of their actions.

No matter what conditions he was suffering from (if what he said was true), he still has to pay for his crimes.

Rot in jail and enjoy the caning.

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