S’pore Couple Abused Their ‘Sister’ So Much That Led to Her Death

In the past, when a person calls you “sister” or “brother” even when you’re not related, it goes to show that the person trusts you a great deal.

At times, you might even be on better terms with said people than your blood relatives.

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So, would you do something this horrific to someone who calls you “Sister” and “Brother-in-law”?

Allow me to translate some of the info found within the hyperlink.

On the 13th of December, 2015, a low IQ girl (Yu Yu Lian, 26) was found dead inside a flat (Blk 878 Woodlands ave 9).

The owners of the flat, Pan He Quan (38) and Chen Hui Zhen (33), were subsequently arrested.

The “Brother-in-law”, Pan He Quan (38), has been charged with 4 offences while the “Sister”, Chen Hui Zhen, has been charged with 14 offences.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the human scums.

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Treated as a “human sandbag” for close to 8 months by the couple, Yu Yu Lian was found with multiple bone fractures at the time of her death, believed to have been caused by a roll of cling wrap.

In case you’re wondering, no. The deceased was not related to the couple. She was but a tenant of the flat. The couple has also allegedly taken all of Yu Yu Lian’s savings.

They have since confessed to their crimes and we will know more about their fate this coming Friday.

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Truth be told, I wasn’t as angry as I thought I would be when I first read the article.

Instead, there’s just this overwhelming sadness in my heart.

How can people do things like this to each other? Are they taking advantage of her because of her low IQ? How can they sleep at night, knowing the things they have done?

I hope they get what they deserve. There are simply no excuses for their actions.

As I’ve always said, some people should not be allowed to roam free.

I hope they find their place in this world, or in some other nether realm.

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That’s all.

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