Woman Claims Husband Went MIA for 6 Months & Suddenly Caught Him in S’pore With a Mistress

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If you ever (unfortunately) find out that your husband or wife has been cheating on you, there are quite a few options that you can take to resolve the manner.

Firstly, you could confront him or her about it.

Secondly, you could ask for a divorce.

And before this becomes a never-ending list of “What to Do if Your Spouse Cheats on You”, I think we can all agree that there are many, many ways to deal with the issue.

Of course, posting about your spouse’s affair on Facebook for everyone to see is also an option.

And that’s what this lady decided to do after her husband allegedly went “missing” for six months.

Facebook User Claimed that Husband Returned With Mistress After Going MIA for 6 Months

On Saturday, Facebook user Jolly Hong took to the social media platform to air her grievances regarding her husband’s behaviour. (Well, her husband’s affair in particular.)

In her caption that she wrote in English and Chinese, she claimed that her husband, a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), went “missing for the past 6 months”.

Recently, he came back “from Bangkok walking hand in hand with the girl in couple shirt”.

Apart from his disappearance, Hong, a Malaysian, added that he neglected both his son and wife, and that he was completely uncontactable via video call and his contact number for the entire half-year period that he was gone for.

She also explained that she has been a housewife since she was pregnant, meaning that she did not have any income for the past six months.

Despite that, her husband did not even bother giving her any allowance or money to cover the household expenses while he was away.

Video and Audio Recordings as Proof

Hong also attached various video and audio clips in her post.

One video clip featured her husband and his alleged mistress walking out of the arrival gates at Changi Airport after they apparently returned from overseas.

Both of them were wearing matching shirts and were seen holding hands.


Hong also uploaded various audio clips of her husband talking to her in various situations, such as she needed surgery.

“Ok, I transfer you the 11k, you go and do it yourself,” he was heard saying in one clip when Hong told him that she had to undergo surgery.

“Your injury is none of my business, you bleed until die is also none of my business,” he said in another clip.

Hong Confronted Husband at Changi Airport

Another video attached in the post showed Hong confronting her husband at Changi Airport after seeing her husband and his mistress walk out of the arrival gates.

In the 33-second clip, Hong told her husband, “Every day when your son asks me where is his father, I have to tell him and lie to him that his father is working hard to earn money in Singapore.

“When he comes to the airport, what does he see? He sees his father holding the hand of another woman.”


She then questioned him repeatedly, “Do you think that you are setting a good example as a father?”

The couple’s young son, who was standing near his parents, agreed with his mother.

The alleged mistress was nowhere to be seen in that particular clip.

Posted Husband’s LinkedIn Profile; Mistress Was Client of His

Apart from the clips, Hong also attached screenshots of her husband’s LinkedIn profile.

From the screenshots, it can be seen that her husband, who goes by Jackie Chua, currently works as a “Corporate and People Management Leader”.


There was also a photo of her husband and a violin,

She then attached a screenshot of a recommendation that was given by his alleged mistress back in 2016.

In the, the lady revealed that she was a client of Chua’s from 2016 until 2021, and that he was “an incredibly patient person”.

She also praised that he was “always able to answer [her] queries accurately and clearly”.

“He is aware on the goals that he aims to achieve in his life and he is always working hard towards his life goals, which is a trait that is very admirable.


“He is a fast learner and he could comprehend something easily due to his high IQ, and he was always considerate to the people around him or even clients who engaged him. He is definitely a good team player and someone who is pleasant to work with!” she wrote.

Couple Were on Good Terms Before Chua Came to Singapore

In a post uploaded earlier today (20 June), Hong revealed more details about her relationship with her husband as well as her husband’s relationship with his mistress.

In the post, Hong lamented about the hardships that she went through for him over the past 11 years such as the physical pain she went through after giving birth to their son.

She revealed that her husband first asked if she could travel to Singapore together with him while he studied to get his diploma, which she agreed to.


She then agreed to his other requests of working together in the same company, as well as for him to get a degree and even a Masters degree afterwards for a “better future”.

Hong added that she did not have a wedding ceremony, photos or dowry when she married her husband, whom she first met in Kuching when they were both students.

The couple proceeded to purchase both a house and a car while Hong was pregnant, and Hong became a housewife to take care of the family after that.

She then said that she appreciated Chua’s hard work as the sole breadwinner of the house, and that he brought her and their son love and joy before he went to Singapore.

Husband Lied that He Needed to Attend Job Interview in Singapore; Stayed With Singaporean Lady “for Quarantine”

Hong then said that on 3 December last year, her husband told her that he needed to enter Singapore for a job interview. He then drove from Johor Bahru to Singapore.


After reaching Singapore, he apparently told her that he needed to undergo quarantine.

He then said that he would be staying at one of his female violin student’s house which was located at Compassvale Link to undergo quarantine.

The student had offered to put him up at her house for free, and Hong initially took her actions purely as a sign of kindness.

She even attached screenshots of her expressing her thankfulness to the student for allowing her husband to stay at her house for free.

Husband Became Uncontactable; Realised that Locks at JB House Had Been Changed

Hong then explained that she brought her son back to Kuching in mid-December last year in order for him to attend school, as well as to seek medical treatment for a condition that she had.


Even though she tried to call her husband to discuss the schooling plans for their son, she was unable to contact him.

“He should not forget he has a son and wife waiting for him in Malaysia,” she wrote.

Apart from that, she shared that her son missed his father deeply and was envious of his friends whose fathers were with them.

She added that she could not contact him either when she needed to undergo medical procedures due to her health condition.

Hong then decided to bring her son to their house in Johor Bahru during her son’s holidays since most of their belongings were there.


However, she realised that he had changed the locks of their house in Johor Bahru only after she reached the house.

Exasperated and hurt, Hong “cired out loud” after realising that the locks had been changed, and had no choice but to bring her child to a nearby hotel to stay at for the night.

Decided to Enter Singapore to Find Husband

After six months of being unable to contact her husband, Hong chose to enter Singapore in hopes of finding him.

She wrote that she approached the Singapore police for help, but they were unable to contact him either after calling his Singapore phone number.

However, Hong was able to find out that her husband was on a trip to Thailand after one of his friends informed her.


Armed with that piece of information, Hong decided to go to Changi Airport with her son every day to wait for the flights from Thailand to Singapore to arrive.

“Thanks god! My child and I stood at the arrival gate and saw my husband holding hand in hand with his female student walking out wearing couple’ clothes,” she recalled, expressing that she was extremely heartbroken at that point in time.

“Somemore the girl student was still carrying my backpack,” she added.

Husband Said that He Had No Work; Couple Agreed to Meet at JB to Open Locks of House

After a round of interrogating her husband, he admitted that he had not been working for the past six months.

“Why don’t he go back to malaysia! His family member all in Kuching Malaysia,” Hong questioned.


She then asked her husband to meet her at their house in Johor Bahru for him to open the locks to their house there, which he agreed.

Since he has a car in Singapore, Hong told him to take their son and meet her at Johor Bahru while she would take the bus there instead.

She added that this was due to the tiring and dangerous journey that her son would otherwise need to go through if she had taken him with her.

Husband Did Not Show Up

Despite choosing to trust her husband again, it seems like he disappointed Hong once more.

“In the end, you didn’t show up with our child. Where is my child? Please call me CHUA SOON HO (JACKIE CHUA),” she wrote.


She then urged him to sit down with her and talk about getting divorced face-to-face.

“Don’t get lost! Stop hiding! please let me go!” she pleaded in her post.

She then shared that she is still unable to contact her husband via phone, and that he “still [refuses]” to get in touch with her.

She added that she wats to “solve this issue once and for all”.

Hong then ended her post by asking for netizens to take note of a white Kia Cerato Hatchbakc with a car plate number of SKB3817A.


She has also since updated her profile and cover photos on Facebook to photos of her husband and his mistress, and wrote “Chua Soon Ho please contact me. Thank You” in her Facebook bio.

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Netizens’ Comments

Since Hong posted about her plight on Facebook, her posts have gone viral with more than 14,000 users sharing her posts.

Many users publicly criticised Hong’s husband and his mistress, with some even finding photos of his mistress and posting them in the comments section of the Facebook posts.

There were also netizens who urged Hong to get divorced as soon as possible, as there was no point in trying to keep such an ungrateful husband by her side.

“Please report to Singapore police. Singapore police take cases seriously. Divorce this kind of white face guy and take back whatever owned by you,” one user even wrote.

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