A Local Singer Has Been Drawing Crowds For Busking Outside The Cathay Every Saturday


If there’s one thing that makes a weekend stroll along the town area that much better, it’s chancing upon a busker and stopping to enjoy the music.

And it seems like most people would agree with a plan like that too, especially with the amount of attraction this busker has recently gained with his performances near The Cathay.

Busker Near The Cathay Attracting Crowds at Night

Over the past few weeks, those of you who use TikTok may have chanced upon videos of a busker serenading crowds with his melodious voice and tunes outside The Cathay.

And the busker in those videos is none other than Singaporean Jeff Ng, who has spent the last few weekends busking outside The Cathay.

Ng, who sings for events and weddings based on his TikTok bio, first caught the eyes (and ears) of many after a clip of him singing Those Were the Days by JJ Lin outside The Cathay was uploaded to his TikTok account on 3 June.

After the video went viral, many netizens left comments of praise, with some of them even asking in the comments section if they could make song requests for him to sing.

Busks Every Saturday Night

Since then, he has included the phrase “Every Saturday 7.30pm” in his videos, and his audience has definitely not disappointed him during every appearance of his.

In his most recent video uploaded just yesterday, Ng was seen standing in the middle of the space outside The Cathay, with a large circle of audience members surrounding him.

Most members in the audience had their mobile phone’s flashlights turned on as they swayed to the music, making the entire scene look like an actual concert of sorts.

And with every Saturday busking video that Ng posts on his TikTok account, it seems like the crowd that stops to join in on the act only gets bigger.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Since Ng’s busking has been made known on TikTok, netizens across the island have understandably been left impressed by not only Ng’s performances but also the enthusiasm of audience members.

Many TikTok users commented on Ng’s singing skills, with one commenter even saying “This is not busking.. This is a concert.”

“Dude need a bigger location already,” another netizen commented.

However, there were also netizens who were concerned about whether or not Ng was actually making money through his busking act.

“People go there listen listen but got give him money or not. He busking leh. Not free concert,” one TikTok user wrote.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@jeffhellomusic) + Instagram (@jeffhellomusic)