Pokémon-Themed Wedding Bands Available At Venus Tears Jewellery


Long gone are the days of boring weddings and standard procedures to get a couple’s name on the papers.

Because now, instead of doing the engagement things with your run of the mill diamond rings to enslave your partner like how Pokemon trainers enslave their pokemon

…we have Pokemon engagement rings and wedding bands that are official Nintendo products.

That’s right people. Official Nintendo.

Image: Giphy

Venus Tears Jewellery At Bugis Junction Sells Them

This one features one male Pikachu hugging the diamond, at the price of $1,199.

Image: Venus Tears

And this one features one male Pikachu (flat tail) and a female Pikachu (heart shape tail) looking at the diamond, also at the price of $1,199.

Image: Venus Tears

Or maybe diamonds aren’t quite your thing. How about a Pikachu made of gold?

Image: Venus Tears

Maybe if your own attempts to get the significant other to say “yes” doesn’t work, the puppy eyes from golden Pikachu will work better.

Wedding Bands

Starting from $999, this one features Pikachu dashing on the ring.

Image: Venus Tears

Or maybe this one with a male and female Pikachu with their paths intertwining makes more sense for you, starting from $999.

Image: Venus Tears

It’s Not Just Pikachu

As much as we like Pikachu, it’s not all that they offer.

Like this Pokeball ring, from $749, that shows you have successfully captured them:

Image: Venus Tears

Or even Eevee that draws inspiration from its evolutionary lines, starting from $999:

Image: Venus Tears

If you’re interested, definitely do check out their online store, or one of their five brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Bugis Junction
  • JEM
  • Tampines One
  • United Square

Sometimes, just having the ring isn’t quite enough. There must be something special to go along with it. Because the ring is just a symbol, and it isn’t quite complete without an accompanying unique kind of ceremony.

Which is why I bring to you…

A Reminder: There Are Pokemon Weddings In Japan

Just like the rings, these are official by a collaboration between ESCRIT, a Japanese wedding planning company, and The Pokemon Company.

Image: The Pokemon Company

Just look at how good the wedding cake looks.

Image: The Pokemon Company

And the wedding certificate:

Image: The Pokemon Company

Sadly, this wedding, as far as we know, isn’t available in Singapore.

But…What‘re You Hesitating For?

Surely, that someone you know may like Pokemon so much that this might just be the very thing you need to capture them (I mean, their hearts.).

Image: Giphy

My suggestion would be to put the ring in a Pokeball and then throw it at them.

It takes some practice, but the Pokeball should open, and at the correct angle the ring will fly out and slip onto their ring finger.

Just remember to make sure their HP is lowered enough that throwing the Pokeball actually works. (Meaning your relationship is at that stage already lah.)

Fresh grads, you don’t need any experience to earn up to $4,200 with this “secret”:

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