The Identity of the Producer Who Allegedly Axed Sparta and MongJi Revealed


Is this considered online shaming when someone has allegedly caused the end of a long-running show that fans all over Asia adore?

Not sure, don’t care and heck care, because #RunningManRIP has made many people’s Monday different, and he ought to take some responsibility for it.

For a start, here’s some context on the production team of Running Man: the current producers are Lee Hwan Jin, Park Yong Woo and Jung Cheol Min, all who are relatively new as the pioneer producers have left in 2014 and early 2016.

So, we all might think that they’re the ones who decided to revamp the show and kick Song Jihyo and Kim Jong Kook out without informing them—until a new rumour emerged.

According to Koreaboo, a close and old friend of Kim Jong Kook hinted that the producer who had make the decision is Gong Hee Chul, the chief producer of SBS‘s Variety Team 4.

In other words, it’s the superior of Running Man’s producers who has fired the shot, not the current producers of Running Man.

To add fuel to the fire, he was only promoted to this position in this month. #justsaying

The alleged claim has made Running Man fans all over the world post the hashtag #FireGongHeeChul everywhere, with 1,000 people talking about it in Facebook, 393 posts in Instagram and well, many in Twitter.

I think this Tweet sums it all up.

Would, you know, hashtags work in changing their decision? It’s the Internet, so who knows? #FireGongHeeChul and #BringBackRunningMan!


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