If you’ve been buying 3-ply toilet paper, we have some bad news for you

Let me ask you a quick question. Would you go for a 3-ply toilet paper or a 2-ply? Yes, we understand that 3-ply toilet paper is thicker, stronger and also softer. We don’t mean to be penny-pinchers, but do hear us out as we try and persuade you to go for 2-ply toilet paper the next time you got to Giant or Fairprice.

2-ply toilet paper is CHEAPER.
For something that is used for only a few seconds before being flushed away, cheap is always the way to go. 2-ply toilet paper is always cheaper than 3-ply toilet paper for the same number of sheets. While some argue that they use less sheets since 3-ply is thicker than 2-ply, I do believe that this is more of a habit, rather than thickness.

I mean, no matter whether you are using 2-ply or 3-ply, you’re probably going to be using the same amount of “squares”. If you really want to be ngiao about this, do a simple comparison between the cost of one 3-ply sheet and one 2-ply sheet. To calculate this, divide the cost per number of toilet rolls in a pack, then divide this amount by the number of sheets per roll.

2-ply toilet paper is GREENER.
Even if you are not someone looking to cut household costs, saving our planet is another reason why you should go for 2-ply toilet paper instead of 3-ply.

This again has to do with the amount of toilet paper you use. Ultimately, if you use the same amount of toilet paper, regardless of whether it is 2-ply or 3-ply, the 2-ply option will always be greener.

Just think about the number of times you go to the toilet a day, and especially when you go for the big one. Of course, switching to recycled toilet paper or just simply using less, will also go a long way in saving the trees on our planet as well.

Top Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com