IKEA Bangkok Ups Its Game By Offering IG-Worthy Softserve, SGD$1.90 Bubble Tea & Candy Pantry

Always thought IKEA Singapore was the world, with its dozens of meatballs and hundreds of sparse furniture?

Well, think again.

Now, no offence to IKEA Singapore, because it’s definitely an A-star in its own right.

But rarely, very rarely, you get an establishment so ‘advanced’, so ‘ahead of the game’, that it outranks even the ones on the certified A-Star list.

Hard to imagine, hard to visualise, but the fact is yes, the unimaginable S-Star set-up does exist:

And I dare say that IKEA Bangkok’s just that.

Image: Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com

Indeed, with its vast array of decadent treats and fattening sweets, IKEA Bangkok, while unconfirmed, will probably make you scream:

“Oh my, take me to Bangkok Daddy!”

Editor: I think only you will scream like that.

IKEA Bangkok

On 13 April, something revolutionary happened. Something so revolutionary, that you and I couldn’t even hope to imagine it.

“Wait… someone got a sneak preview of Endgame?!”

Well, not quite, though that’s definitely a revolution in itself. No, rather, it’s something else, something even better.

Something like an ice-cream bar in IKEA Bangna, over in Bangkok, Thailand.

Credits: dailydot.com

Opened on 13 April, IKEA Bangkok, which is located around 20 minutes (by drive) away from Rot Fai Train Market, has been introducing a variety of conventional (and unconventional) ice-cream flavours in addition to its usual meaty offerings…

And damn… I must say that they just sound too tempting not to be written about.

For one, the ice-cream bar is selling cotton candy and butterscotch choco crunchy ice-cream cones.

Yes, cotton candy. Wt*.

Cotton Candy Ice-Cream Image: Instagram @thipkrista

Lest you’re wondering, the cotton candy ice cream costs 29 baht, which retails at around S$1.30, while the butterscotch choco crunchy flavour sells at 86 baht (S$3.63).

Image: Instagram @yj_lab_daily

Additionally, there’s also a wide range of toppings for you to choose from.

Image: Instagram @pokemi

Diabetes? Hah, that’s so 2018.

Alright, I’m just kidding about that because diabetes isn’t funny.

Incidentally, should you for some inexplicable reason be a vegan (I’m just kidding again) or just fancy some healthier lactose-free desserts, you can try the strawberry vegan soft serve, which was recently introduced globally in an effort to diverge away from dairy products and combat climate change.

Image: Mothership

But hey, this isn’t something you’ll need to go all the way to Bangkok for, as IKEA Singapore has it too.

Yeah, in place of the crowd-favourite Vanilla soft-serve.


And to round off this whole Ice-Cream Bar section, here’re a few pics to whet your appetite.

Image: @janenaj_ Instagram
Image: Instagram @yj_lab_daily

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Damn, you don’t even need to get me stressed for me to lean backwards for that.

But wait, don’t go just yet;

Because it’s not just cotton candy ice-cream at stake here;

IKEA Bangna’s even selling bubble tea, frappe and smoothies that cost between just 45 baht (S$1.92) and 60 baht (S$2.56)!

A cup of bubble tea, for instance, would only cost you 45 baht.

Image: Instagram @jell_lly

And just check out these sweet treats that come in an assortment of flavours!


Matcha Frappe

Image: Instagram @laqx.fluk.

Chocolate Frappe

Image: Instagram @ekslmm

And Passion Fruit smoothies.

Image: Instagram @iamapresentz.

Flavours tend to be on a seasonal basis too, so there might be other drinks in store by the time you go. Sweet potato flavoured frappes and durian flavoured smoothies, for instance, have made their appearance before.

Image: Instagram @ployliciousss.
Image: Instagram @maxmahorn.

Though personally speaking, I wouldn’t advocate for the return of the durian-flavoured one.

Cos I love durian too, too much.

And to round things off, we have an actual living, breathing candy bar.

Image: Instagram @hungryfattyy

Stocked full of decadent treats that’ll make you regret in the later years of your life, every 100g of candy reportedly retails at 50 baht (S$2.14), and you’re free to pick and mix the candies as you wish.

Image: Mothership

Now if that’s not an incentive for your next getaway trip…

I don’t know what is.

Located in: MEGA Bangna
Address38 หมู่ 6 Bang Na-Trat Rd, Tambon Bang Kaeo, Amphoe Bang Phli, Chang Wat Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand 
Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily

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