Imran Rahim Has Allegedly Taken Legal Proceedings Against Charles Yeo; Charles to be Defended by M Ravi

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GE2020 is over but there’s an individual who’s still making the internet headlines.

Whether it’s being protected by one of Singapore’s most powerful ladies:

Him rejecting Razer CEO’s offer for free gaming stuff:

Or his newly-launched Instagram account:

He’s been making waves whatever he does.

Well, he’s now making waves again but this time, it’s not looking too good for him.

A Bit Of Context

This is Imran Rahim:

Image: YouTube (Abel George)

Charles Yeo first started making allegations against Imran Rahim for sexual misconduct on 21 Jul 2020 on his Instagram Live videos.

Imran had allegedly sexually assaulted two individuals on multiple times, Yeo claimed.

Yeo also posted a message which alleged that Imran had preyed on legal interns and young debaters.

Two people from the Asian debating circle repeated his claims and a few others allegedly messaged him with similar stories.

With such strong allegations, you can’t expect Imran (and his firm) to stand by and do nothing.


Imran Investigated By Law Firm

Imran is a senior associate (i.e. a lawyer) at law firm Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP).

Imran has agreed to take a leave of absence in the meantime while his employer investigates the allegations.

They’ve said, “It is looking into the matter and making its own enquiries into these allegations. In this regard, the firm implements a zero-tolerance policy towards any matter concerning sexual impropriety.”

Imran has also issued a public statement regarding the allegations:

I am aware of the sustained attacked by Charles Yeo against me on social media.

I do not know him and I do not know why he has chosen to launch these personal attacks against me.

I deny the wide-ranging allegations made by Charles Yeo and will be taking the necessary steps to vindicate myself. In the meantime, I am currently assisting my employer with internal investigations.

Well, if you thought that’s the end of it, you’re never more wrong because as many cases have shown: Words have consequences.

Harassment Lawsuit Allegedly Filed

On 31 Jul 2020, it was reported that Imran has filed a harassment lawsuit against Yeo under the Protection from Harassment Act.


In a Facebook post, Yeo’s lawyer, M Ravi said that Imran is seeking to get Yeo to take down his allegations, as well as pay for the cost of the proceedings.

Ravi has once led the Reform Party (RP) team to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 2015 General Election. His team lost to the People’s Action Party, garnering 21.4% of votes.

Yeo, on the other hand, is appealing for victims of Imran to step forward and affirm his allegations.

Image: Instagram (Charles Yeo)


If no one comes forward, he said, it wouldn’t end well for him.

He added that while people have offered, he is not raising funds for the court case yet.

Image: Instagram (Charles Yeo)

M Ravi also said in his Facebook post that he is taking on this case on pro bono. Here’s what he’s written in the post:

I have been just instructed by lawyer Charles Yeo of Reform Party in respect of the legal action commenced against him by Imran for calling Imran a race traitor and allegations of sexual misconduct . We have firm instructions to enter Charles’ Defence and my team and I will defend the case vigorously. I have seen the court papers. Abraham Vergis and his team from Providence Law Asia LLC are acting for Imran. Imran is seeking to have the posts containing the aforesaid allegations taken down and is further seeking cost orders to be made against Charles.


Charles was my former law trainee and is very passionate about social justice and human rights. I offered to act pro bono though he kindly offered to raise funds through public donations.

Imran, according to the post, will be represented by a team led by Providence Law Asia’s Abraham Vergis.

According to TODAY, the date for the first hearing has been fixed for late-August.

GE2020 is over? Well, the drama hasn’t.

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