In Japan, There’s a Coca Cola…Coffee. I Can’t Even

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Okay, so the marriage of all caffeine has happened. If you’re someone who loves coffee, and on top of that, Coca Cola over Pepsi, you’ll want to stay on and read this.

Recently, Coca Cola in Japan created a coffee-flavoured version of itself.

The name? Coca Cola Coffee Plus No Sugar.

Mind-blowing stuff, right? We wonder how it tastes like. For now, though, we’ll settle with the pressing details on what the soft-drink/caffeine beverage is all about!

Image: NY Daily News

About the Coca Cola Coffee

First of all, it’s going to be a limited edition drink. AISEY, that means after sometime it’ll be off the shelves, unless demand is super high that Coca Cola decides to bring it back again lor (you know, like Nasi Lemak burger).

Coca Cola Japan’s Plus Coffee No Sugar is sold in three different packaging – the first is its classic Coca Cola glass bottle, the second in a smaller build plastic bottle version, and finally a slim can.

While it sounds like a weird drink all right, the combo works out pretty well. Some purchasers have said that it tastes similar to a Vanilla Coca Cola. It does have the taste of real coffee in it, in case you’re wondering, but it also contains a hint of caramel to balance the two flavours out.

No sugar some more sia. Only thing you’ll have to keep an eye on is probably the caffeine level. For every 100mls you consume of the drink, you’re also taking in 14mgs of caffeine into your system.

Image: andysworld

If you’re a decaf person and in Japan and happen to chance upon one of these babies, you might want to down a portion of it, otherwise you’ll be super active the whole day!

After all, think about it: it’s a carbonated coffee. Haven’t thought that this would ever happen, eh?

And you know where it’s sold? Not so much in shops, but in vending machines across the country of Japan.

There are stories saying that it will be available in Australia very soon. Aiseh, bring over to Singapore also lah. A lot of us like coffee and Coca Cola also, you know.

Or if you’re really dying to taste the marriage of Coke & Coffee, you can always request for one in AirFrov.

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