Influencers Broke Up & Quarrelled Online Are Bad Influences


Break ups are never easy, even if it is a mutual one. We all deal with our heartbreaks differently, some people will choose to take time off to work on themselves, others rely on their friends and family’s support to get through the tough times. But most would keep it to themselves.

Not when you’re an influencer. In the case of two influencers, they decided to engage in an intensive confessional session through social media. Popcorns, anyone?

Breakup story

Ridhwan Azman, who is known for his role in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men, got together with Nicole Choo, back in 2016 (which is like, so long ago in the social media world!). However, their relationship has ended recently, and details were even exposed to the public through their social medias. 

Nicole wrote a blog post on 2 Feb 2017 accounting for their break-up, stating many details about their relationship. It was portrayed to be a very physically and emotionally abusive one, with both parties at fault. 

According to her blog post, they went through a break-up in December last year (wow…that’s like two months ago!). However, she started seeing another guy during that period of time. 

Ridhwan then tried to win her back shortly after she stopped talking to that guy, as she claims that she was softhearted to get back together with him, “my (her) heart already say no, I (she) didn’t want it.” (Really?) Yet after patching up this year, she was still talking to that person. She then found out about Ridhwan’s wrongdoings and called him out in her blog post as well. 

Their relationship was also described as physically abusive. 


However, Ridhwan expressed his disapproval of Nicole sharing details of their breakup, further implying that Nicole had not been completely honest either. To turn the situation around, Ridhwan went on to expose even more details about Nicole’s wrongdoings, claiming that she “didn’t post how violent she was to him”.


Their constant rebuttal and confrontation have led to many reactions in social media. While some people simply just couldn’t be bothered about their drama, others were supporting each party for different reasons.

This isn’t the first time Ridhwan has made it to the headline viral news headline: in 2013, he admitted to hitting his then ex-girlfriend, and getting involved in an online quarrel with YouTuber Jianhao Tan after leaving his company.

Ridhwan has since made yet another Instagram post, this time with an Instagram video and claiming that this incident should be discussed “like adults”.


Sorry for the drama. It was supposed to be like this: 1. @nicole.choo talk privately to ridhwan. Make up or break up. Ridhwan’s mom is always being fair and treat both as her children. 2. Make up or break up, or if you need to justify publicly, it can be be discussed what is the standard of “neutral”. What would cause damage and what would control the damage? Need to DISCUSS like ADULTS. Now I hope you carry yourself well in your life with whoever you spend your days with. Don’t call me a dickhead cause even at this point, I wish you can unblock me on Whatsapp and talk. Decide on how to resolve this and not worsen this. But nope, you wanna post. *facepalm* @nicole.choo nobody can resolve our problem than just us. I asked you to be my girlfriend nicely, I wanted to break up nicely. Apply this in your next relationship. Seeing this calendar saddens me.

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Well, guess since it’s a slow news day, this should at least give you something to talk about this weekend.

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