Instagram’s Latest Outage Was Frightening Different & It Occurred at a Worst Timing


If you’re someone who depends on Instagram for a living, and see this message last night (31 October), you’d have freaked out:

What’s worse is that you did post a Halloween image or video of you in a bloody costume, which meant that you might have really accidentally broke one of the few million clauses that you claimed you’ve read when you first registered your account.

But fret now; it turns out to be a bug, though the last few hours must’ve been scarier than any of the scare actors you encounter in Halloween Horror Nights.

Instagram’s Latest Outage Was Frightening Different at a Worst Timing

For almost five hours, from about 8:30pm last night to 1am this morning, Instagram had an outage unlike any others: instead of just being inaccessible, they initially reduced the number of followers in your account, and soon after, you’d be suspended from Instagram.

The issue occurred mostly for iPhone users.

People who tried to appeal were asked for their email IDs and phone numbers. Some were apparently just logged out.

Instagram then took to Twitter and Facebook to inform users about the bug at around 10pm and 12am respectively.

Yes, it’s an irony that they went to Twitter first before going to Facebook.

They added that they’re “aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience.”

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However, they didn’t mention anything about the suspension, probably because some people who were really suspended might think otherwise.

At about 7am this morning, they then announced that the entire issue was caused by a bug, and that everything is now back to normal.

However, they did not answer to enquiries on why the bug involved the “suspension” of many accounts.


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