McDonald’s Having New Honey Soy McCrispy & Bringing Back Spicy Nuggets


Still having your doubts about McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy, and still think they can’t compete with KFC’s fried chicken?

Well, try this new favour then.

McDonald’s Having New Honey Soy McCrispy from 3 November

This Thursday (3 November), McDonald’s will be elevating the Chicken McCrispy experience with an all-new Honey Soy flavour, which promises a “perfect balance of texture and taste for a sweet-and-savoury delight.”

Image: McDonald’s® Singapore

The limited-time-only Chicken McCrispy Honey Soy is available as a 2-piece item at $6.60 ($8.60 for a meal) as well as a 6-piece sharing bucket, and the concept is simple: it’s simply chicken coated with a honey soy glaze.

But if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, this next piece of news would, if not we can’t be friends.

Spicy Nuggets Are Back (For a Limited Time…Again)

A limited-edition item that’s on the same tier as the Prosperity Burger and the Samurai Burger is making a comeback.

The spicy nuggets would now be back for a limited time from $7.00.

Image: McDonald’s® Singapore

In addition, the Hershey’s Chocolate Frappé will make a comeback as a limited-time addition.

Image: McDonald’s® Singapore

To know why the spicy nuggets, despite being a fans’ favourite, is never set as a permanent item, you might want to watch this video to the end:

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Featured Image: McDonald’s® Singapore