Instant noodles + soft drink might make your stomach explode. Seriously


Last Updated on 2023-06-30 , 6:47 pm

“Is It Okay to Drink Coke after Eating Pancit Canton?” Unveiling the Surprising Truth

Are you a noodle enthusiast who often ponders, “Is it okay to drink coke after eating Pancit Canton?” or “What to drink after eating noodles?” Well, we’re here to clarify the enigma behind the relationship between Pancit Canton and Coke, and how indulging in this combo might just bring about an unexpected turn of events.

Also known as Maggi noodles, Pancit Canton and other types of instant noodles, have their loyal fanbase. And when you couple this with a bottle of Coca-Cola or any other soft drink, it seems to make for a satisfying, quick-fix meal that is irresistibly tempting, especially in the sweltering heat of Singapore. But beware! This seemingly harmless duo might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Unusual Case of Pancit Canton and Soft Drinks: An Unexpected Twist

In Chongqing, China, a peculiar case unfolded involving a man named Xiao Cao. Fancying a late-night supper, Xiao Cao opted for a meal that comprised not just one, but two packets of instant noodles – a serving of Pancit Canton and coke, twice over. To top it all off, he threw in some potato chips and assorted snacks to the mix.

You may wonder, “Is it okay to drink Coke after eating noodles?” Well, it turned out that Xiao Cao’s seemingly indulgent meal led to an unfortunate turn of events. Very soon after his feast, he suffered from intense bloating and crippling abdominal pain.

The Scientific Explanation: Coke and Pancit Canton – A Dangerous Mix?

What may seem like an episode of “Maggi side effects” is actually a scientific phenomenon. Xiao Cao was rushed to the hospital, where physicians discovered his stomach and intestines were distended due to excessive gas. To relieve his distress, a tube was employed to remove the accumulated gas from his body.

A professor from Chongqing Technology and Business University broke down this incident to an unexpected acid-base reaction. While instant noodles harbor alkaline elements like edible glue, soft drinks are notoriously acidic. The acid-base reaction from Pancit Canton and Coke resulted in the production of copious amounts of carbon dioxide, leading to Xiao Cao’s discomfort.

Is It Okay to Drink Coke after Eating Noodles?

As amusing as the term “Maggi side effects” may sound, there’s a kernel of truth to be aware of. Some of us may indeed enjoy the combo of Coke and Maggi noodles or Pancit Canton without any dire consequences. However, the key to remember is moderation.

Xiao Cao’s ordeal was likely due to his excessive intake of both instant noodles and soft drinks, in addition to his snacks. Thus, the question, “Is it okay to drink Coke after eating noodles?” should be more like, “How much is okay?”

maggi side effects
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So, when indulging in the pleasure of Pancit Canton and Coke, be mindful of the portions. The carbon dioxide resulting from the acid-base reaction is typically released through burping, but overindulgence might just leave you bloated like a balloon!

Therefore, tread cautiously when exploring the world of Pancit Canton and soft drinks, and remember – too much of a good thing can be harmful. The phrase “Bakit bawal pagsabayin ang noodles at softdrinks?” which translates to “Why is it forbidden to eat noodles and soft drinks together?” now has a scientific answer.