Instant Noodles With Milo Powder, Coffee & Peanut Butter Review

Maggi Mee tastes pretty good on its own.

Excellent, even.

But have you ever considered adding extra stuff to it?

Image: Imgflip

Try me, biatch.

Anyway, we decided to incorporate the totally original idea of adding stuff to Maggi, and well…

There were surprises, that’s for sure.

But before anything, here’s a disclaimer: instant noodles aren’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world. Just take a look at this video we’ve done and you’ll understand:

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The main cast

We rounded up the chief ingredients of the day…

Milo, Peanut Butter, Garlic spread and Coffee… magnificent.

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And of course, who could miss out the big boss Maggi?

Taste Test

A taste test would require actual participants, and we somehow managed to threaten – I mean persuade two brave souls in the office to try them food hacks out.

Meet Zhi Hao (left, who looks just so damn handsome, don’t you all agree?) and Yinn Jiunn (right), the said brave souls who have sold their lives to the devil in exchange for Maggi Mee.

Sounds like a good deal to me, but enough talking; let’s move on to the tasting part!

First up, we have peanut butter!

According to ancient folklore, peanut butter lends Maggi Mee’s broth that thick satay vibe.

Let’s see whether it’s true.

What do our participants have to say about the Peanut Butter + Maggi Mee combination?

ZH: Yeah, the texture becomes thicker. Definitely has that Satay taste. But kind of heaty though.

YJ: Mmm, not bad. I like it. I don’t even mind having it for lunch!

ZH: 5/10
YJ: 6/10

Next up, we have Milo.

Can’t go wrong with Milo.


ZH: Well… erm… how do I put it? The noodles taste the same, but the broth just seems chocolatey. With spice. Real weird for me.

YJ: I can taste the grains of sugar in my Maggi. *LOL* but yeah, it’s kinda weird. I wouldn’t exactly hate on it though.

ZH: 3/10
YJ: 5/10

Right, moving on to… coffee.

(P.S. We’ve not heard of this hack anywhere before. Our editors, who are old and need coffee to stay awake every morning, hope this would come in handy)

ZH: Well, that was the strangest shit I ever tasted. And I have tasted some strange shit in my life before.

YJ: Some things are not meant to be mixed. Coffee and Maggi should never be mixed. Never.

ZH: 2/10
YJ: -2/10

Last but not least, we have…

Garlic spread!

ZH: Wow, this actually tastes pretty ok. I would actually have it again! The garlic spread complements it, instead of overwhelming it.

YJ: Yeah it’s pretty good. Still prefer Peanut Butter, but hey this is worth it too. And yeah, the spread complements it. That’s a must have in any food hack book, in my opinion.

ZH: 7/10
YJ: 6/10


All in all, don’t add stuff to your Maggi.

Add Garlic spread if you’re feeling adventurous; Peanut Butter if you’re feeling rich. Heck, even Milo’s alright. Occasionally.

But never, ever in the love of all things sweet add coffee to it.


It’s just wrong, you know.

Not as wrong as man-eating babies, but close.

On a side note, you can watch our video version here for more info, unintentionally provocative comments and altogether biased af reviews.

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