iPhone 7 Allegedly Also Caught Fire, But Apple Fans Need Not Worry Yet

iPhone fans, if you’re still laughing at your Samsung friends, you might want to stop now.

After all the issues faced by Samsung from their exploding Galaxy Note 7 and their washing machines, the newly released iPhone 7 has the first case of the device exploding.

A Reddit user, kroopthesnoop, posted a picture which shows a matt black iPhone 7 that looks like it exploded in a similar way to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7’s cases of explosions were caused by the defect in its batteries, this iPhone 7 exploded while in transit to the buyer. That’s the alleged image taken by the buyer sent by the deliveryman.


There is not a lot of details of this incident as of now. Apple hasn’t commented publicly and neither had the delivery service company, UPS.

Apparently, such incidents aren’t the first time that happened with Apple products. Back in 2011, two iPhone 4s caught fire and exploded – one user was rudely awakened by his iPhone 4 catching fire on his bedside table.

Another recent case in July 2016 was when a mother saw his son’s pants went up in flames when his iPhone unexpectedly began to smoke and burn which resulted in first and second-degree burns.

As you can see from these reports, all these cases happen in a relatively low probability, so there isn’t much to worry about. However, as the iPhone 7 is new, hopefully this is just a one-off incident if not we would probably have to start using the brick phone Nokia 3310 again.

*All images from imgur.com

Featured Image: imgur.com

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