I’ve Had The Best Waffle in S’pore & It’s in ECP McDonald’s

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To me, McDonald’s has never been about the food: it’s about their operations, because I’m one who would even down a bowl of poo as long as it’s fast, filling and edible.

So when I tried the waffle in Marine Cove McDonald’s, I was blown away.

It was, no doubt, the best waffles I’ve had so far.


In case you’ve been living in a cave for a few years, here’s why there’re waffles in a McDonald’s outlet: the ironic McDonald’s outlet in East Coast Park has been reopened since 2 July 2016, and unlike outlets all over Singapore, they comprise both the normal menu and also a new exclusive menu.

At first glance, you’ll mistake it as an overseas outlet: the design of the outlet is astoundingly different, decked out with high-tech stuff like an animated wall and monitors. The high ceiling with unique yellow lightings added a touch of elegance, although the crowd and noise sort of drowned the luxury. And without me saying, you should have expected this: it’s crowded. Very crowded.

The new menu comprises three new burgers: spicy tortilla with angus beef, classic cheese with angus beef and spicy chicken with apple slaw. I tried the spicy chicken with apple slaw and I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t impressed: to me, apples and burgers just don’t match. It’s unique, but it’s just another burger to fill up my stomach.


Now, back to the waffle. The outlet has an extended menu, including new menus for their McCafe and even a desert bar whereby you could customize your desert. I don’t know how the other desserts fare, but I’m glad I tried the Belgian waffle with mixed berries & Sundae.

The berries and Sundae are, well, berries and Sundae. But it’s the waffle that steals the show: have you ever had a waffle that tastes so sweet, so right and so crispy that you just want to toss the toppings away? Well, the Belgian waffle with mixed berries & Sundae does just that.

The waffle is much like a blend between the atas Belgian waffles we have in hipster cafes and the traditional pandan waffles that kids can’t get enough of. In fact, if I were to use a word to describe it, it will be this: addictive.

The portion is relatively small, and at $6.50, it isn’t exactly wallet-friendly. But comparing this to other hipster cafes’ waffles, I’ll say every single cent was well spent.

Now, while it’s quite unbelievable, I’ve this to say to my friends: the best waffle I’ve had is in McDonald’s.

If you would like to know more, check out McDonald’s website here.

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