Ex-Actor Ix Shen Has Now Become the Unofficial Field Reporter in Ukraine


Singaporean and former actor Ix Shen has decided to remain in Ukraine, and has now become the unofficial field reporter.

You’d know why if you’ve been watching CNA in recent days.

Here’s why he decided to stay, and his live updates of daily life in Kyiv.

Wait, Who Is Ix Shen?

He came first in Star Search 1995, and acted in quite a few Mediacorp shows since then. Most notably, he starred as the antagonist in the popular MINDEF-sponsored show Honour & Passion.

He left for Beijing in 2009 to further his career, which might be why the younger generation might not find him familiar.

He dated his Ukrainian wife, Natalia, for six years before tying the knot in 2022. He’s been based in Ukraine since 2021.

Decided To Stay To Help Out

In an interview with The Straits Times, Shen said that he has decided to stay in Ukraine despite having an evacuation plan for his family.

Evacuating might raise a new series of issues for them, like having to battle the cold while potentially stuck on the highway with no fuel or food.

He added that the couple felt like they have a greater social responsibility, and that he won’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t stick around to help. Furthermore, Natalia is a reservist medical officer who might be mobilised.

Since then, he’s been documenting his life in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and appearing in mainstream media news platforms to provide updates about the war.

Here are all the updates he has posted on the Internet so far.

Take Shelter In Carparks and Stairwells

Shen said that 25 February was when he first heard gunfire coming from the harbour, which isn’t far from his home. He tried to record the crossfire on his phone, but when it became more intense so he decided to stop recording and retreat to safety.

He also said that whenever there is an air raid siren, or the sound of shooting, his family and some residents would take shelter in the basement carpark below his apartment building. Others would also hide out in the stairwells.

Supply of Necessities Still Stable

You might think that necessities are becoming an issue, but so far, water, electricity and communications remain stable in his area.

But this stability is also due to the tenacity of Ukrainians. While everyone understands that food might run out, nobody is panic-buying or clearing shelves.

CC to people in Hong Kong, please.


Of course, everyone is still stocking up as much as they possibly can. But it seems like they don’t take more than they need or can store, and leave enough for the rest of the residents.

Although fresh meat and fish were not restocked, most essential items have not run out yet.

Residents Are All Calm and Orderly, Doing Their Best To Protect Themselves

In an Instagram update, Shen showed the streets of Kyiv, where people are queuing up and waiting for supermarkets to open so that they can restock supplies.

He added that morale is high, and everything seems calm.


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In another Instagram post, Shen showed himself arranging bags of cat litter against his windows.

“I’ve dug some trenches during my days in the army, but never have I thought that I would be using cat litter as sandbags!”

He explained that there’s no building in front of his apartment, and any stray or ricocheting bullets may damage his windows and injure him and his wife. Putting cat litter against his windows will act as a buffer.

Seems like NS in Singapore has finally come in handy for someone.


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Ukrainians Are Not Backing Down 

Shen’s wife, a reservist medical officer, hasn’t been mobilised as of Monday (28 February). Friends working in hospitals also said that operations remain normal for now.


However, Shen has received an SMS from the Ukrainian government to prepare for the intensity to build up. Residents are advised to prepare enough food, water and clothing to go to bunkers when air raid sirens go off.

Although the situation seems bleaker day by day, Shen said that Ukrainians remain optimistic. Morale is high amongst the public, the soldiers and the reservists, and it seems like no one has any intention of backing down.

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