Jack Ma Became a Michael Jackson for Alibaba’s Anniversary


There are many types of boss in the world: the micro manager, the blamer, the inspirational one…then there’s the Jack Ma type.

Well, okay, there’s only one Jack Ma type, and it’s Jack Ma.

In Alibaba’s 18th birthday celebration, Jack Ma did the unthinkable: he came out in a Harley Davidson…

Image: YouTube (enShowed)

…and he danced like Michael Jackson.

Image: YouTube (enShowed)

Here, take a moment to enjoy the moment of a guy who is worth USD$38.5 billion dancing like your fierce teacher awkwardly doing a dab during Children’s Day.


Unlike other CEOs of famous tech companies who usually appear on stage just to deliver some speech that will make people fall asleep, Jack Ma is known for performing for his staff during annual dinners.


Here’s him singing a Chinese song (skip to 3:00 to hear him sing 朋友)…

…and even a Cantonese song.


But this is the most interesting one: he sang an English song…with a wig.

This is the guy whom others thought was crazy when he started Alibaba after failing so many times. Guess he just got crazier.

And thanks to him, we’ve got cheap stuff from Taobao.

Just so you know, Alibaba is worth USD$231 billion.

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