Jack Neo Drops the Trailer for Ah Girls Go Army 2 & It Features Ma Yi Duo, Too


When you think of Jack Neo, it’s probably impossible to not think of Ah Boys to Men.

And in recent times, Ah Girls Go Army (AGGA) as well.

For those who have somehow been living under a rock at the bottom of a well, AGGA is Jack Neo’s latest movie which depicts a “possible near-future”.

With birth rates dropping even faster than grapes, AGGA showcased the lives of Singapore’s first batch of Army recruits because yes, girls are required to serve National Service (NS) now.

With the first AGGA movie hitting the cinemas in February this year, it became an instant success and even managed to rake in $2 million at the box office.

And that doesn’t even include the ticket sales from other countries.

With its massive success despite all the scepticism and hate, Neo announced late last month that a sequel for AGGA will be released on 16 June this year after a delay in its production.

Jack Neo even announced that they will be having a movie marathon for those who want to have a recap of the first movie before watching the latest instalment, although whether or not anyone really needs that is another question altogether.

And just yesterday (3 June), the official trailer for Ah Girls Go Army Again was released on the Ah Girls Go Army Facebook page.

In the 2-minute trailer, familiar faces from the first AGGA film such as Yang Guang Ke Le and Lim Xixi appear on our screens once again as the female recruits work together throughout the various trials and tribulations that come along with serving NS.

Scenes of outfield activities are shown throughout the trailer, and a hot pink coloured slingshot even makes a guest appearance somehow.

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And it seems like we might get something that hits a little closer to home for most of us, with local actor Nick Teo’s character triggering conflict between two recruits.

The trailer also shows two masked men in black attacking two of the recruits during outfield by kicking and slapping them after they successfully ambush them.

Of course, we don’t know who these people are yet lah.


And for those who have been reminiscing the good ol’ Ah Boys to Men movies, here’s some good news for you.

Actors Tosh Zhang, Joshua Tan and Noah Yap will be returning to the big screen for this movie, and local comedian Mr Brown will be making an appearance too.

Apart from that, local comedian Ma Yiduo was also seen in the trailer.

He even shared a scene that he was in on Instagram and revealed that this is his first time acting in a movie.

So for those who can’t wait to catch the new sequel, remember to mark your calendars for 16 June, yeah?


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Featured Image: Facebook (Ah Girls Go Army)