Kim Lim Suddenly Removed All IG Images of Her Husband Whom She Just Married 4 Months Ago


If you know anything about socialites in Singapore, you’ve probably heard of Kim Lim, the daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim.

And if you’ve been up to date on their drama lives, you’ll know that the younger Lim, who turns 22 this year, recently married her second husband earlier this year.

Her marriage to Leslie Leow, who apparently works in the IT industry, was announced after he proposed to her in September last year.

The wedding was held on 22 February this year, less than four months ago.

Prior to this relationship, Lim was married to Kho Bin Kai for over three years. The couple divorced in 2020 and have a four-year-old son named Kyden.

However, it seems like the couple’s relationship may be on the rocks, for eagle-eyed netizens recently discovered that Lim has deleted all of her Instagram posts that feature Leow.

The photos of both the proposal and wedding were also deleted from Lim’s Instagram account.

However, posts featuring his betrothal gifts that were apparently worth more than $2 million still remain on her Instagram account.

Similar Incident Occurred in the Past

And it isn’t the first time that Lim has deleted all traces of her relationship online.

Lim also deleted all of her Instagram photos featuring Leow after the couple got engaged, which led to the public speculating that they had broken up.

After a period of time, Lim re-uploaded the photos on Instagram again and claimed that she only deleted the photos in a rash act due to her borderline personality disorder.

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As for what Lim has been up to recently, it seems like she is currently in Bangkok with her friends for a holiday based on her Instagram stories.

Leow has not been featured in any of her recent stories, and the couple are not following each other on Instagram as of now either.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@kimlimhl)