James Seah to Replace Shane Pow in Upcoming Mediacorp Drama “The Heartland Heroes”

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There’s been a lot of Shane Pow news these days. It seems like his “8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill” (yes, it’s actually a thing) days might be over.

Or maybe not, since Mark Lee has expressed willingness to sign on Shane Pow to his own company.

Shane Pow, who was fired from Mediacorp on Monday (26 Apr), was in the middle of filming a long-form drama titled “The Heartland Heroes” when the company decided to part ways with him after his second drunk driving charge.

Our first Heartland Hero might have fallen to the dark side, but someone else will be stepping up to fill in the big shoes soon enough.

James Seah to Replace Shane Pow in Upcoming Mediacorp Drama “The Heartland Heroes”

The 30-year-old Pow has already shot 30 out of the 130 episodes of “The Heartland Heroes” and will complete the filming of one more episode. Pow’s contract obligates him to stay with Mediacorp until 4 May to finish up any incomplete work.

Actor James Seah—whom you may recognise as the lead actor in “Mind Jumper”, which is currently showing on Channel 8—will join the production of “The Heartland Heroes” in the second week of May.

According to The Straits Times, this is the first time an actor is replaced midway through a Mediacorp drama.

In an interview, executive producer Leong Lye Lin revealed that there would be no changes to the plot or explanation for the change in actors as they “didn’t want to destroy the original concept of the drama”.

“[N]o matter how we try and justify the change in the story, audiences would need some time to get used to it. Instead, we’re just going to announce this change to the public honestly,” she added.

Pow’s character in the drama was described as a “happy and cute” ah beng who is trying to turn over a new leaf after being released from jail, as mentioned by 8 Days.

Leong decided to cast 30-year-old Seah as she needed an actor who was suited to the age, acting skills and manliness of the role. Another factor was, of course, Seah’s availability!

The executive producer also emphasised that he shouldn’t copy Pow and that the audience should understand that “James is James, and Shane is Shane, and different isn’t necessarily bad.”

Feels A Lot Of Guilt But Wants to Give His Best Performance

After being informed of his replacement, Pow texted Seah, giving him messages of support though he felt “complicated about it”.

He had also reached out to Leong and expressed that he was very sorry for what he had done.

“I think he still feels a lot of guilt but he was really professional because I think even though he won’t be able to complete the drama with us, he still wants to give his best performance,” said Leong.

Seah, who has stepped up to the role, is feeling the pressure. He has promised to do his best and will be “locking [himself] in [his] room to work on creating the character!”


Feature Image: Instagram (@shanepowxp / @jamesseah)

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