Actor Shane Pow Charged with Drink Driving; It Wasn’t His First Offence

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For someone who did the “Get Your Sexy Back” Campaign to promote responsible drinking behaviour, he’s not exactly setting a great example himself.

It’s just like a crab teaching its young how to walk straight – that’ll never work.

Shane Pow, also known as Pow Xun Ping (包勋评), was charged in court yesterday.

He was reported to have been driving a “motorvan” on Java Road at around 11.20pm on September 17, 2020 with a blood alcohol level of approximately 49mg based on his charge sheet.

By Singaporean law, the limit is set at 35mg per 100ml of breath.

The 30-year-old Mediacorp actor is being represented by S S Dhillon, the lawyer who was known to have represented actor, Terence Cao who was charged with violating the government’s stringent COVID-19 laws during a birthday party.

This, wasn’t his first offence either

Back in July 2014, Shane Pow was convicted of drink driving, so if he is convicted again, he’ll be labelled as a “repeat offender” and the penalties he faces will be a lot higher than a first-timer.

In fact, if found guilty, he may face a driving ban of 5 years or more, a jail sentence of 2 years max, and a hefty fine of between S$5,000 and S$20,000.

Who is Shane Pow?

If you’re more of a Netflix and YouTube person like me, you probably wouldn’t have recognized the actor either from his face or his name, so here’s a quick run-through!

Born in 1990, Shane Pow was talent-scouted by a modelling agency in his 20s and signed up to join Manhunt Singapore 2011.

He must have done pretty well there as he landed multiple roles in local dramas, including but not limited to Love At Risk, When Duty Calls and The Recruit Diaries, and has signed a contract with Mediacorp since then.

He has even risen to become one of the 10 most popular male artistes in Singapore for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, thanks to the 3 popular drama series he acted in, namely Serve H.O.T, Against the Tides and Three Wishes.

Shane was also nominated for the same title in 2021 but he did not win.

Unfortunately for him, Shane was caught up in a scandal in which he put on ‘blackface’ for the drama series, I Want to be a Star, when the casting director wasn’t able to find someone of African descent to fill the role.

As a result, Mediacorp was fined S$5,500 for the offence.

Featured Image: Facebook (Mediacorp Channel 8)

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