Mediacorp “Fires” Shane Pow After His Drink Driving Charge Was Reported

Today may be a good day to be a Josh, but it’s a terrible day to be a Shane Pow.

According to CNA Lifestyle, Mediacorp has decided on “part[ing] ways” with the 30-year-old actor, after his drunk driving charge was brought to light on 22 April.

Mediacorp “Fires” Shane Pow After His Drink Driving Charge Was Reported

In a statement published on Monday (26 Apr), Mediacorp emphasised its position not to tolerate “any behaviour that runs afoul of the law”, clarifying that they “constantly remind [their] artistes that their fans and members of the public look to them as role models”.

I guess one could say Mediacorp found Pow’s drunk driving shane-ful. (Get it?)

Mediacorp also stated that they were not aware of the incident that happened on 22 April, and that Pow had not reported it after its occurrence in September last year. 

His contract obliges him to stay with the company until 4 May to finish incomplete work, including two dramas that are in their final stages of production, “in consideration for the efforts of the entire cast and crew”.

What Has Shane Pow Done?

Pow faced drunk driving charges in court on 22 April, for driving a “motorvan” with 14 more microgrammes of alcohol than the 35 microgram limit per 100ml of his breath.

What even is a motorvan, anyway?

This isn’t his first brush with the law, either, having breached COVID-19 safe management measures last October for an oversized gathering

The incident also involved fellow Mediacorp artistes Jeffrey Xu, Terence Cao, and Sonia Chew, and was ostensibly a celebration for Xu’s 32nd birthday, according to CNA Lifestyle.

The birthday boy then posted a photo of the gathering on his Instagram, with the caption “Thank you! Grateful! Cherish!”

Well, thank you for being a vigilant citizen and exposing a flagrant violation of COVID-19 safety measures.

The artistes involved were promptly fined and faced disciplinary action by Mediacorp.

More damagingly, though, he has already been found guilty for drunk driving once, last being convicted of the offense in July 2014.

This makes him a repeat offender. If he is convicted this time, then, he will be banned for driving for at least five years. 

Or more like three, because he could be imprisoned for up to two years, and you’d be hard pressed to find a car in prison.

Feature Image: Facebook (Mediacorp Channel 8)